1.000.000 Ebbheads  


Dave Gooday

Well done René, 1.000.000 hits is quite accomplishment, all the best!

D T G!



Hi René,

thank you so much for all your work during all these years and your support ever since the reunion. neuwerk wouldn't have been able to spread the word as good as it was without you and all your efforts !

all the best for things to come
peddy & the entire neuwerk team.


Petter Jahnstedt

René + crew,

Thank you for friendship and great cooperation. You guys gave Nitzer Ebb back to the people. 1.000.000 its a great accomplishment for you and the band.

All the best
Petter Jahnstedt
Editor of ZERO Magazine Sweden


Nitzer Ebb
  Through thick and thin you have been the nitzer ebb at large! thank you for your eternal support and congratulations on your million plus internet presence!

Douglas McCarthy / Bon Harris / Jason Payne

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