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Biff and I began playing in Maven shortly after the breakup of Polarbear, said Andy. Bon was finishing up with Manson when we joined him. Over the next two or three years, we helped Bon finish an album worth of material here in Los Angeles that Bon started when he first moved from England. It just seemed to work from day one. Biff and I had a certain chemistry from Polarbear that translated well with Bons new material. Though Maven and Polarbear are unique, there are certain similarities in combining electronics with traditional instruments that made it familiar when we started working with Bon. We tracked most of the drums at my studio and recorded the additional guitar parts in my living room. Maven self-produced most of the songs, though we received additional production help from Helic Hadar, Bernd Burgdorf, and Steven Stuart Short. Manson performed on our Nick Cave cover of Hard On For Love.      prev <> page 3