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16.Dec 2009
Pre-Order of new Industrial Complex Album


You have now the opportunity to pre-order the new Nitzer Ebb Album Industrial Complex at the Major Records online shop or per mail to the special reduced price of 12,90 € (plus postage).

The Album contains all new tracks plus various exclusive remixes. Every pre-order for new the album takes part in a draw for two concert tickets. Furthermore the first 100 purchaser will get a Label Compilation CD for free.

11.Dec 2009
New Nitzer Ebb Releases


Nitzer Ebb Catalogue, a 5-disc set comprises the albums Ebbhead, Showtime, That Total Age, Belief and Big Hit and the Nitzer Ebb Compilation, a 43-track 3-CD album set includes classic hits plus remixes from William Orbit, Dubfire, Xpress 2, Black Strobe, Phil Kieran and more will be released on January 25, 2010 on Mute Records.

Release Info

The Belgian Alfa Matrix label (home to Front 242, Ayria, Leaether Strip) has been chosen to release the newest album by Nitzer Ebb for Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Italy and Luxemburg , in collaboration with Major Records. This special Belgian edition released by Alfa Matrix will feature a bunch of exclusive remixes not available on any other version of Industrial Complex. All remixes to be confirmed in the next few days
incuding big names from the EBM scene!

06.Dec 2009
Industrial Complex Tour Edition as MP3


Get your copy of the Industrial Complex Tour Edition as MP3 Download on too. Please follow the link to buy your issue of the new album.

ICT Edition

  VampireFreaks presents an interview with Nitzer Ebb

J.A. Rivera of caught up with Nitzer Ebb on their Industrial Complex Tour. Check out this rather in depth look into EBM's founders. Recorded backstage in Denver, Colorado short before the show.

Watch the video

Industrial Complex Review


The Reflections Of Darkness Website appears probably the world's first review of the ebb's new album Industrial Complex. The Album gets 10 of 10 possible points!

Thanks to Niggels

Industrial Complex Review

Industrial Complex Tour Edition on iTunes


Preview and download songs from Industrial Complex (Tour Edition) by Nitzer Ebb on iTunes. More info at Release Info Site.

Release Info

new band Interview's


Read some new interviews with the band and Bon Harris as well. Please follow the links below. Note: in the Q&A interview, the editor spelled Bon's firstname wrong. It's Vaughan, not Vaughn...

Q&A with Vaughn Harris of Nitzer Ebb
The Illustrious Nitzer Ebb Return with a Complex
Nitzer Ebb keeps rolling with live dates, new album

Furthermore Douglas added a blog and some video footage of the industrial complex tour to his personal website. Keep an eye on it to be up-to-date!

new Nitzer Ebb Interview


Since 2006, the band has been fine-tuning new material and is ready to embark on a US tour. Read the complete interview at lost in a supermarket website.


  Industrial Complex Release Date

According to swedish, the new Nitzer Ebb Album Industrial Complex has just been scheduled for a January 22, 2010 release in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Nitzer Ebb will work with different partners in other territories.

Release Magazine

ICP Website and Video Channel


The official ICP website launch again with new features and contents. Keep an eye on it for the whole icp stuff. Watch the Ascend Video from the last rehearsal before the north america tour. This feature is provided for you at and on Nitzer Ebb's official YouTube channel as well. 

Nitzer Ebb ICP
Video Kanal

Nitzer Ebb sign new deal with Major Records


Nitzer Ebb just signed with Major Records for certain european territories (not worldwide) and will be announcing additional label partners around the world as they happen.

Major Records is a music label from Hamburg, Germany, focussing on electronic pop music. Currently, their most popular artists include Ladytron, IAMX, X-Perience and Boytronic.

Douglas' new website and facebook page


Douglas has setting up a new personal site and a new facebook page as well. You're welcome to visit both sites.

Personal site
Facebook page

Note: is a temporarily site and will go online with full content in the next time. Keep an eye on it!

24.Oct 2009
Nitzer Ebb Management and Booking Information


To get in touch with the nitzer ebb management or to send a nitzer ebb booking inquiery please use the contact details at the following sites:


26.Sep 2009
The Ebb appears on SAW VI soundtrack


An unreleased song from Nitzer Ebb is among the tracks that will appear on the Saw VI soundtrack when it's released October 20 through Trustkill. Never Known is one of six unreleased tracks on the soundtrack, which includes material from Hatebreed, Lacuna Coil, Mushroomhead, Chimaira, Danko Jones, Shadows Fall, Converge, Kittie and others. Saw VI opens in theatres on October 23.

Release Info

01.Sep 2009
Doug's Birthday today


Today Douglas is celebrating his 43rd Birthday! The Nitzer Ebb Network wishes all the best and much health, connected with the desire to be able to celebrate the release of new Nitzer Ebb album asap too. Leave your good wishes to Douglas on Ebb facebook site.

Nitzer Ebb FBK

Bon's Birthday today


Born in Chelmsford, Essex, England - today Mr. Bon Harris celebrate his 44th birthday. Happy Birthday Bon. wishes much health and furthermore much success with your current plans and future projects.

Nitzer Ebb FBK

05.Jul 2009 website


The website is part of the new nitzer ebb marketing strategy. The and websites are very much fan-oriented to the loyal UK and european fans and has been a vital part of keeping the nitzer ebb fanbase alive and engaged, whereas the website is more of a music delivery system in lieu of a record label and is also focused on the north american market. is represented on all known community platforms like Myspace, Facebook and Twitter. On the website some new nitzer ebb tracks and remixes are already online.

  Nitzer Ebb 2009 Merchandise

Get your new 2009 NEP merchandise now at the nitzer ebb online shop on Also available the very limited and signed ICP memory stick including two new remixes.

04.Jun 2009
new interview with Douglas McCarthy


Richard Clouston interviewed Nitzer Ebb frontman and founding member Douglas McCarthy for Fact Magazine. He talks about the group’s early post-punk years, touring with Depeche Mode, acid house anthems and the new album, working title ICP.

There you will also find a special free download: a selection of classic Ebb remixes chosen by Douglas!

read the interview

03.Jun 2009
Video Game Burlesque with Members of Nitzer Ebb


Jason Payne and Bon Harris if Nitzer Ebb turned classic video game themes into electronica lounge songs.

Opening the night was a performance from Nitzer Ebb members Bon Harris and Jason Payne. With Harris in a sweater vest, Payne in a propeller beanie and both in taped-up, thick frame glasses, the EBM stalwarts played a set of reconstructed video game music. Samples from Donkey Kong and other beloved games were twisted into beat-heavy jams fit for a night at the industrial club as the duo moved in a stiff, robotic fashion that resembled the Tri-Lambs homecoming prize winning routine.

More on LA Weekly Website at

White Slave Trade with DJ Douglas McCarthy


Next chance to see Douglas as DJ will be in Los Angeles on May 27, 2009 at Medusa Lounge, Beverly Blvd. Free admission!

27.May 2009
The Medusa Lounge
Los Angeles, USA

27.Apr 2009
Nitzer Ebb Management


Please note that both, the Band Nitzer Ebb and Bon Harris, have a new manager. It is Toni Young at Rogue Artists Management.

04.Apr 2009
The new album - state of work


As far as the NE release goes, the band are still moving forward. Obviously the financial situation has slowed things down in many regards. The album has been complete for some time, including title, artwork, everything is ready to go basically. NEP want to make sure that we release it in the best
possible situation and they are close to finalizing that.

If the band don’t find a satisfactory solution externally, they’ll self release on ebb's own label, but again, that takes time, (and money), to set up properly.

Nitzer Ebb are aware that the album has been a while coming. Bon and Douglas are working on doing a release of some sort of material in the meantime. Maybe remixes, extra tracks or somesuch, while they finalise the details of the album release. At this point they have a lot of material to
choose from. Regardless of the business bullshit, the band think it’s a great Ebb album and they are very eager to get it out and start playing it live on


As for Maven. Well, NE takes up most of Bon's time at the moment. He have been writing new Maven material and as soon as Bon can get enough time, he will finish that up and put it out. It will probably be an EP of maybe 6 songs, as time does not really allow him to do much more than that.

22.Mar 2009
new Jason Payne Interview


The Nitzer Ebbs fans got all confused when Jason Payne showed up as the drummer on Douglas right hand side at the September gig in Berlin 2007. talked to Jason Payne about the reunion and new recordings.

Read the complete interview HERE

Thanks to Stefan - nitzerebbnetwork New Jersey

21.Feb 2009
Crazy Clip TV Blackfield Special


The 132nd issue of Crazy Clip Show will broadcast a special of last year Blackfield Festival at Amphitheater Gelsenkirchen. The issue contains some live footage, like Nitzer Ebb's Shame. broadcasting times and all further information on the following websites:

Crazy Clip TV is an cult-tv production on local access broadcasters Tide TV (Hamburg), H-eins (Hannover), OKB (Berlin), OK Bremen and OK Kiel in Germany.  

FM announce North America dates in april


FM will play some US and mexico dates in april 2009. The following dates are already booked and the announcement of the venue details is carried out as soon as possible. Keep an eye on it!


11.Jan 2009
NCIS soundtrack features a new Nitzer Ebb song


Promises is the first new recording from Nitzer Ebb to be released to the public in more than 13 years and is available only on NCIS: The Official TV Soundtrack. It’s featured in the January 13, 2009 episode of NCIS titled, Broken Bird. CBS Records will release a specially produced soundtrack for the hit television series NCIS on Tuesday, February 10, 2009. NCIS is currently the number 1 TV series in the US with around 20 million viewers per week.

Listen Promises
Release Info

Nitzer Ebb on Sonic Seducer 2008 retrospective DVD


Traditionally the Sonic Seducer 2008 Retrospective looks back on the highlights of the past season with new stories and exclusive interviews. As cover story this issue features an exclusive Depeche Mode studio interview.

On top, the covermount DVD Boxset is spectacularly filled with 34 tracks: Classics from The Sisters Of Mercy, The Cure (exclusive live), exclusive live videos of Front 242, Apoptygma Berzerk, New Model Army, Unheilig from M’Era Luna Festival 2008, interviews with DAF, Peter Heppner, Anne Clark and clips from ASP, Lacuna Coil, Moonspell, Lacrimosa, Within Temptation, Blutengel, The Retrosic (exclusive preview) and many more – there is a lot to discover!

And of course also Nitzer Ebb is featured on the DVD with a video of Let Your Body Learn (live 2008 – exclusive). Also there is a new story about Fixmer/McCarthy inside the magazine.

Sonic Seducer

01.Jan 2009
NE Facebook Group


Please feel free to join the new nitzer ebb facebook group called "power of voice communications". You are welcome to discuss with other fans about the band or related projects as well.

NE Facebook Group