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23.Dec 2008
Douglas DJ-Gig and NE Facebook Group


Unfortunately Douglas' Budapest DJ-Gig had to be cancelled for organizational reasons. The event shall be made up at a later time.

Please feel free to join the new nitzer ebb facebook group called "power of voice communications". You are welcome to discuss with other fans about the band or related projects as well.

NE Facebook Group


The SAW V Soundtrack: Music From And Inspired By contains among other bands and artists, Fixmer/McCarthy's "Blood And Music". Releasedate was November 28th on SPV / Synthetic Symphony.

Release Info

Terence new solo album named "Fiction Fiction" and will come out on march 02, 2009 on Modulor. More info on terence' personal website at

  new tunes and project by DTG

Dave's Killing Time project has uploaded two new tunes on the projects myspace player. For all those fans which don’t know who is standing behind this project, here’s the answer: it's dave gooday, nitzer ebb founder member from chelmsford / essex! More info at killing time myspace site:

Killing Time 

17.Dec 2008
Another Video Interview


Visit to watch another video interview with Bon Harris. Divided up into 11 short video sequences, you can learn interesting things like "What was it like making the new Nitzer Ebb album?" or "How did you approach the making of the Belief album?"

Thanks to Stefan of nitzerebbnetwork New Jersey

12.Dec 2008
DJ Douglas McCarthy


The first european DJ-Set by Douglas will be take place in Budapest / Hungary on december 31st. All relevant gig information will be online soon. Short before another DJ-Set in Los Angeles at Das Bunker on december 19th. The party called History of Industrial Music.

How to craft a Nitzer Ebb Style bass patch


A driving force in electronic music since the 80s, Bon Harris knows a thing or two about synthesis. Check out his Reason-driven work on the new Nitzer Ebb album. Propellerhead (their Software is one of the world's leading makers of software musical instruments) met with Bon Harris in Los Angeles to talk about his use of Reason in his production work and on the new Nitzer Ebb album. He also gave them a thorough lesson in how to craft a Nitzer Ebb-style bass patch using Thor, a vocoder and a mile of virtual patch cable - check the video!

  New Label Deal

There's no confirmation from nitzer ebb headquarter about a new label deal with german's indie label SPV.

17.Oct 2008


Another DJ-Gig by Douglas McCarthy will be take place on October 31st in Mexico City again. The event called Murderous Halloween Nite. Here all relevant facts:
Douglas McCarthy and Hazel Hill
DJ Gig October 31st
Pasaje America
Calle 5 De Mayo No. 7 Centro, Mexico, DF
Doors: 23:00

24.Sep 2008
Faded Smiles Live Video 1994


Watch the Faded Smiles video of one of NEP's first gigs at Rezz in Romford, England on march 07, 1984. Chris Piper, Nitzer Ebb's first producer and manager have the whole gig on tape. Watch out for soon to come video of their version of Whiter Shade of Pale, only ever performed once!

Thanks to Stefan / nitzerebbnetwork

Faded Smiles / Whiter Shade Of Pale Videos
Chris Piper's YouTube Page

14.Sep 2008
New Fixmer/McCarthy 12" Remixes


There's a new twelve inch remix vinyl by fixmer/mccarthy ready to release. The 12" contains remixes of and then finally and look to me. Remixers are Xenia Beliayeva and Kiko. More Details HERE.

Douglas' first DJ Gig - new date!


Update 19.08.2008
please note, the date has moved from august 28th to august 30th!

Douglas' first DJ gig ever will take place in Mexico City on August 28th, 2008 at Pasaje Americas. Have much fun there while Doug's playing his set of good music!
Here are all facts you need:
Date: August 28, 2008
Venue: Pasaje Americas
Address: 5 de mayo No. 7 Downtown
Cost: $100 MX pesos
Time: 9:00 pm

25.Jul 2008
New facts from Ebbworld


Bon has posted a Nitzer Ebb update on his new blog on and it contains all new facts concerning the new album, new record label, documentary and release date. Please feel free to check out bon's site and leave a comment too.

Thanks to JB!

21.Jun 2008
Deleted Nitzer Ebb Myspace Site


Nitzer Ebb's webmaster does not have responsibility for the content of the deleted site on!

Furthermore the webmaster can't give you any statement what happened with this site, because he doesn't have knowledge about this.

The webmaster is shaping and maintaining only (and thus responsible) the so called Ebbspace on, the official Fixmer/McCarthy Myspace and his personal site on

Please do not send messages anymore, in order to try to find out what happened with this deleted site.

Thanks in advance!

15.Jun 2008
Kloq feat. Douglas McCarthy


Sometimes, there are constructs that become bigger than the sum of their parts. Move Forward is a lucky example of one. Electro wizard Oz Morsley has locked himself up in his sonic laboratory to create the most versatile club attack of this summer. With vocal assistance from, among others, Douglas McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb, Fixmer/McCarthy)....

Read more: here 

  Nitzer Ebb Short Cuts

Payroll, mixed by John O and appears on the SAW IV soundtrack, will differ from the one on the final album. More to come.

Let Your Body Learn is on the new Grand Theft Auto IV. Join ElectroChoc music station in this video game and you can listen the track while you make your game.

Fixmer/McCarthy Cover Story at Synthetics Magazin


The german Synthetics Magazin appears with an F/M Coverstory and a four site's interview with douglas and terence inside. Available as from june 5, 2008 at your local magazine shop in germany as well as at

Also in this magazine issue: an interview with Douglas about the new Nitzer Ebb album.

  F/M show cancelled

Unfortunately the F/M show this Friday in Bochum / Matrix must be moved to for organizational reasons. A new appointment will be announced.


Fixmer/McCarthy Cover Story at Sonic Seducer


The german electro and gothic magazine Sonic Seducer appears with a Fixmer/McCarthy cover story in june issue of the magazine. Next to an interview with Douglas and Terence the magazine contains a CD with, among other artists, the exclusive Xenia Belyeva Remix of Look To Me. The issue is available now!

More info:

23.Apr 2008
more 100% tunes by DTG


100% electronic has uploaded a few new tunes on the projects myspace player. For all those fans which don’t know who is standing behind this project, here’s the answer: it's dave gooday, nitzer ebb founder member from chelmsford / essex!

MySpace Site

05.Apr 2008
Fixmer/McCarthy Promotion Site


To promote the new Fixmer/McCarthy Album Into The Night Citizien Records has launched a promotion site with all details like tracklisting, samples, photos, infos, goodies and artwork.

Into The Night promotion site
Release Info

23.Mar 2008
Julian Beeston


Julian is currently producing four tracks for Clear Static, now called Lights out Loud. Also writing and producing a couple of tracks for West End Girls. Isabelle of the West End Girls is the daughter of Hans Erkendal from Mobile Homes, Julian produced the album Test for Mobile Homes.

More Info about Mobile Homes and West End Girls on myspace:

Julian appeared on the Saw 4 soundtrack (european version), he co-wrote the track "The Wait" with Lore. Earlier last year he mixed and engineered the latest London After Midnight album, recent movie trailers include Resident Evil 3, Next, Iron Man, Factory Girl and recent music placement in Entourage, Dirt, CBS an NBC.

Thanks to Stefan for the update

  rare US NEP Shirts - limited offer

Get now an ultra rare US Nitzer Ebb Shirt from Be quickly, it's a limited offer. The Shirt is perfect for a hot summer or even hotter shows!

13.Mar 2008
Details from new NEP record


The band are finally coming to the end of recording in readiness for Flood to commence mixing next month. Douglas has a couple of more vocals to record before he head off to do FM shows are in next few weeks.

  FM on SPV again

The new Fixmer/McCarthy album will be worldwide released on SPV, except France and Japan on Citizen records as it was announced! New show dates were confirmed (see below).

17.05.08 Germany Munich Backstage Werk
23.05.08 Germany Bochum Matrix

05.Mar 2008
new Fixmer/McCarthy Album out in may


The new Fixmer/McCarthy album will come out in may 2008 and called Into The Night. The Label will be Citizen Records, the french label of artist Vitalic! More info soon.

FM website
FM MySpace

Fixmer/McCarthy Live 2008:

29.07.08 Germany Ludwigshafen Loft Club
19.07.08 Netherlands Eindhoven Extrema Outdoor Festival
05.09.08 Germany Deutzen Nocturnal Culture Night Festival

01.Mar 2008
Chris Piper Interview


Chris Piper was Nitzer Ebbs first producer and manager. Leaving just before the big break through. Here is his story about the early years and the bands comeback.

As always a huge thank you to Stefan for his support as well as Chris for answering the questions!

Chris Interview

  another Interview

The interview was made by Janos Janurik for VIVA Hungary on August 8th, 2007 at the sziget festival budapest. Although some time has passed, but the questions as well as the band answers are still up-to-date. You only must read the questions, you can hear the answers as stream.

Thanks to Janos to share the recorded stuff with the ne community!

Read & Listen the Sziget Interview
Janos' Myspace

  Basic Pain Procedure - Final

Listen now the entire basic pain procedure demo tracks. All tracks available as stream on nitzerebbsound site. Please do not send requests for sharing the files. It's a website special!

Listen the BBP Tracks
BBP info at discography
Discuss with other fans

24.Feb 2008
the new Multimedia Site


The new multimedia site gives you a good overview about the available nitzer ebb videos and the site's exclusive NEP Sound. Starting with the first two tracks of the basic pain procedure as well as a demo version of hearts and minds on the sound site. Some tracks from the new NEP Record will be available as snippets on this site hopefully too. The entire BPP will be online in a few days. Much fun with the good old music!

Multimedia Site
NEP Sound
NEP Video

02.Feb 2008
Payroll appears on Advanced Electronics Vol.6


Nitzer Ebb's Payroll (John 0 Mix) will be the first track on the new issue of the Advanced Electronics compilation, now volume 6. The compilation will be appearing as DVD too. More on release info site or on the official release myspace.

Release Info
Release Myspace