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24.Nov2007 First show in Montreal since 15 years

Nitzer Ebb are confirmed for the Montreal Electro Industrial Noise Festival, called Kinetik, line up 2008. It will be a first show in 15 years in Montreal.

Kinetik Festival Website

17.Nov2007 First Nitzer Ebb Show for 2008 announced

Neuwerk presents the blackfield festival, which will take place at the Amphitheater in Gelsenkirchen / Germany on July 5th & 6th, 2008! 20 Bands will build the Line up for those 2 Days. Nitzer Ebb will headline the the first day at the blackfield festival 2008!

Blackfield Festival Website
Blackfield Festival Myspace

  Chris Piper NEPs first producer and manager

A interview with Chris is following soon and some very rare pictures from a very young band called nitzer ebb are now online at These pics are never published before!

Thanks to Chris Piper and as always to Stefan!

  Fixmer/McCarthy Promotion Interview for BIM Festival

The BIM festival is getting closer. The Festival makers promote every band
by interviewing them. The questions about FM are answered by douglas. The festival take place on december 22nd in Antwerp, Belgium at Hof Ter Lo.

FM promotion Interview
Fixmer/McCarthy Website

22.Oct 2007 Murderous Live Video appears on new Into The Darkness DVD

The new Into The Darkness DVD Compilation by Crazy Clip TV appears  NEP's Murderous as live video version. Recorded last year during NEP's body of work tour at the markthalle hamburg.

Release Info
Screen Shots

  Nitzer Ebb Payroll (JohnO Mix)

Hear a short sound clip by nitzer ebb's new song payroll on the official soundtrack website. The Song will appears on the forthcoming SAW IV Soundtrack. Much fun!

SAW IV soundtrack website Netzseite
discussion at the Forum

17.Oct 2007 Berlin Interview Video now on YouTube

The nitzer ebb interview videos part one to four are now also available alternatively on YouTube.

Nitzer Ebb Video Channel

Please visit trig dot com too, to view an exclusicve video interview with douglas made by tinitus, sweden.

Tinitus video

02.Oct 2007 more SAW IV informations

"When we were choosing songs for the 'Saw IV' soundtrack, we asked ourselves, 'What kind of music would the 'Saw' characters Jigsaw and Amanda listen to?'" reveals Jonathan Scott Miller, principal of Artists' Addiction Records, which will issue Saw IV Original Soundtrack on CD and as a digital release October 23, 2007; an extended digital release will follow in November. Read the complete content on:

Artists' Addiction Records to release Saw IV Soundtrack

  Soundcheck Video now on YouTube

The nitzer ebb soundcheck video is now available alternatively also on YouTube. The interview video upload will be done in a few days. Look the videos here:

Nitzer Ebb Video Channel

22.Sep 2007 Soundcheck and Greeting Video online

View the soundcheck and website greeting videos at the video section. All videos sequenzes recorded at the pokomm festival berlin on september 20th. Note: In case you are using a slow internet connexion it can be happen, that the download of the video in the Stream takes a little more time. As soon as the video is loaded completely, you can see the film at every time without waiting period. The film will be available alternatively also on YouTube (upload soon).

Nitzer Ebb Video

Still in work and online soon: the first video sequences of the nitzer ebb interview as well as the promised soundfiles of the BPP.

  Payroll on SAW IV Sountrack

The original motion picture soundtrack for the film SAW IV will be released on October 23, 2007 (though the release date isn't official confirmed yet).

22.Sep 2007 22.Sep 2007

At you'll find pictures from nitzer ebb soundcheck at the berlin popkomm festival on september 20. More visuals coming soon, like a short video showing the band during the soundcheck and a special website greeting and a video interview too.

A short news summary:

Jason Payne is back! He's the new nitzer ebb member beside Bon and Douglas. Jason plays the drums on the new record and at the nep live shows!

The new song payroll will be released on the SAW IV soundtrack. More to come.

More news about the new record and the dvd on the interview video!

Hear the tracks from the basic pain procedure demo cassette as stream here on the website. Stay tuned!

Don't miss the website updates in the next days!

15.Sep 2007 Nitzer Ebb Produkt

Now available on the 2007 nitzer ebb merchandise products, like the International Funk Aggression T-Shirt, the 07 Worker Shirt and much more. Check out the store to get your own new nep shirt!


22.Aug2007 new nitzer ebb pictures archive

A new subarea of nitzerebbnetwork is online now. Please visit There you can find all the pictures from nitzer ebb like promotional, live and fan pictures. This site is still under construction, but first galleries are online like impressions from gothic and sziget festival as well as pics of douglas' performance together with KLQQ! In order to keep all the pictures well arranged, the site will be filled up with all pictures which current are available on the nitzer ebb network site.

Read more on the new site!

01.Aug2007 Nitzer Ebb 2007 Live Videos

View first live videos from nitzer ebb live show at the gothic festival on july 27th in waregem / belgium. At the video section you'll find the "getting closer" live video and you should follow the link below to get more video stuff from this festival, like the live performance of "we're just physical" by kloq feat. douglas mccarthy.

Getting Closer
more video stuff

a big thank you to Olga!

  the Nitzer Ebb logo history

Some very interesting background informations about the nitzer ebb logos you'll find at the new opened Nitzer Ebb FAQ at the community forum. More to come...

Thanks to Stefan to passed on the message by Simon Granger!

Nitzer Ebb FAQ

21.July2007 further 100%

Dave has sent some informations about his music project 100%. Find the complete content of his news at the forum. Thanks Dave for this!

Get 100% infos and discuss about

12.July2007 100%

100% is a new music project from Dave Gooday, founder member of nitzer ebb. A myspace site is online now and there you can find 3 tracks of the project. 20 years later and its time to play again once was ebb...

26.May2007 new gallery online

In this gallery you'll find pictures from nitzer ebb detroit show in 1989 during US belief tour. Many thanks to Julian Kovalsky to share these rare pics with the ne community.

the gallery
the complete pictures serie from Julian

23.May2007 Fixmer/McCarthy Live 2007

To keep you informed very well, please find below a summary of the current confirmed FM Live Dates for 2007: new date

05.05.2007 Dijon La Vapeur France
08.05.2007 London Notting Hill Arts Club England
28.05.2007 Leipzig Wave Gotik Treffen Germany
01.06.2007 Los Angeles Das Bunker USA
02.06.2007 Austin Elysium USA
05.06.2007 Denver Shelter Nightclub USA
07.07.2007 Fraga Monegros Desert Festival Spain
14.07.2007 Dour Dour Festival Belgium

To get more informations about Venue and Tickets please visit official website and official FM myspace site too:

09.Apr 2007 new FM show date confirmed

FM will be on stage at the notting hill arts club in London. the show will take place on May 8th at the being boiled party. Being Boiled invites you to a night of pure electronica presented by Karl Bartos favoured band Client. Old school and new pure electro wrapped into a lot of kinky uniforms, Eastern European influences and stiletto action.


09.Apr 2007 Pick of the Week

Nitzer Ebb's album "Belief" is Pick of the Week this coming week , starting Monday April 9th on is the best 80s alternative internet radio stream there is out there with listeners in over 80 countries. As Pick of the Week, songs from the album and artist in general will be played more frequently throughout the week as well as a link to buy the album on the website.

Get a free soundpass for which will allow you to listen to radio commercial free. Listening is always free but it is nice to be able to listen without the commercials. How you do get this soundpass? Very easy: write an email to the address below with your first and last name and saying you heard about it on That's all.

get your free soundpass: HERE

Thanks to Jay!

22.Mar 2007 exclusive I Thought Remix by the Wighnomy Brothers

The  forthcoming Mute Records Release "Remikks Potpourri II" by the Wighnomy Brothers appears a exclusive remix of I Thought. This version didn't appear on Body Rework CD and Vinyl Releases. Read more about the release: HERE

Many thanks to Jürgen for the update!

  the band on myspace

Since some days the complete band members have your own site on myspace. Under construction is a new nitzer ebb myspace site. Stay tuned for official launch. The site link's are listed below:


02.Mar 2007 Nitzer Ebb Film Microsite

Since today the new microsite for the nitzer ebb film is online. At the moment only the first site, but the microsite will be filled up with content in the next days. A competition is planned too and you'll get all the informations to this and the film of course on the microsite in a few days. So bookmark the site in the meantime:

  a new pictures gallery

Check out the new pictures gallery08. There you can find exclusive pictures taken from the nitzer ebb film by SWITCHONSWITCHOFF production.

many thanks to polly and shimmy for kind support

view gallery: HERE

19.Jan 2007 Client feat. Douglas McCarthy

The  forthcoming Out Of Line Compilation Machineries Of Joy 4 appears a track by Client called Suicde Sister with Douglas on Vocals. The compilation will be released on February 16th! Read more about the compilation at release info site.

Release Info
hear the track

Douglas said:  i went over to kate's house here in london after emily asked me to contribute to a track that would appear as a bonus song on an american release. I did not write anything for the track that already had the vocals recorded, and i just sang along, which was a lot of fun.

This compilation appears a further track with Douglas on vocals. It's Kloq's You Never Know!

Release Info
Kloq Info and hear the track


Douglas go to france next week and record and re-record some FM tracks with terence, and then they have an FM show in zaragoza, spain, on february 2nd. After that they will go to berlin to mix the album. FM do not have a definite release date yet!

Douglas will be returning to LA in march to recommence writing NE with bon and kourtney.

01.Jan 2007 Happy new year

The nitzer ebb network wishes all fans, friends and supporters a happy new year with hopefully many nitzer ebb releases as well as live shows all around the wo