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23.Dec2006 Nitzer Ebb and Fixmer/McCarthy News

After a short christmas break Douglas will then be in berlin with terence mixing the new F/M album, which will then be complete! After that he will return to Los Angeles in february after a show in spain with terence. In LA, Douglas, Bon and Kourtney will continue with NE.

More news, first of all the basic pain procedure topic, you can read: HERE

Fixmer/McCarthy will perform at the Wave Gotik Treffen 2007! The Wave Gotik Treffen 2007 will take place on May 25th until May 28th, 2007 in Leipzig / Germany. Date and venue being announced as soon as these are confirmed.

The nitzer ebb network wishes all fans, friends and supporters a merry christmas and a happy new year!

18.Dec2006 new Nitzer Ebb online shop

a new online shop for nitzer ebb merchandise will be open shortly. It's the official nitzer ebb shop and a division of neuwerk music. Please click the shop banner on the right site or bookmark the following link:

16.Dec2006 Nitzer Ebb page news

The David Gooday pictures are online now. Click pictures gallery07 and  find there two galleries with DTG photos inside. They're snapped by Dave on NEP Tour stops in berlin and munich.

the David Gooday galleries

You can find two new videos at the video section. View live videos from NEP reunion tour shows in moscow and buenos aires.


A new remix of Wahre Arbeit / Wahrer Lohn by Die Krupps feat. Douglas McCarthy appears on a sampler release called Dark Flowers Vol.II. All Details at release info.

Release Info

09.Dec2006 Nitzer Ebb News

This week Douglas has sent some news from ebbworld. He wrote about the current NEP activities, the finished body of work tour, the dvd, the new songs, mute records and the basic pain procedure tracks! Read the complete content: HERE


  David Gooday Pictures from Body Of Work Tour

David has sent many cool pics from the body of work tour stops in munich and berlin. The gallery will be online very soon. Stay tuned!

19.Nov2006 David Gooday Mix for Skara

Dave again...David Goodays music production has got started in the shape of helping an upcoming swedish band called Skara. David has made an mix of the track "Star". The mix is very dance orientated and will help the band to reach a record deal. The song will be found on Skaras myspace site in the near future.

  a song dedicated to ...

Olga and her friend recorded a song and it has direct connection to the subject on which we gather here. They have to share this song with the world, especially with the NE community! Listen and comment - HERE!

14.Nov2006 David Gooday website online

David Gooday, founder member of Nitzer Ebb is now online with his own website. There you can find among other things the original paitings from the Big Hit Cover. Please visit and say hello to DTG!!

12.Nov2006 Control I'm Here - Superchumbo Remixes - Release Date

Control I'm Here 12" Vinyl and download are available from December 04th, 2006. All information about the release: HERE

Thanks to Jürgen -

15.Okt 2006 Control I'm Here - Superchumbo Remixes

A new Control I'm Here remix is on the way! The new remix will appear on a 12"Vinyl by Novamute. The official release date isn't confirmed at the moment, but get the first infos about the release HERE or on official novamute website

Many thanks to Jürgen from Berlin ( for the Info!

  Fixmer/McCarthy Show suspended

A date change announcement for FM Malta show! The date suspended from November 18, 2006 to february 24, 2007!

more info on

09.Okt 2006 Nitzer Ebb show on swedish national radio - the broadcast date

Referring to the last news update, the swedish Radio will broadcast the nitzer ebb show from Arvika Festival on Tuesday, Oktober 24th, 9:00 pm. The show will also be broadcast online, please visit

Thanks to Stefan!

30.Sept2006 Nitzer Ebb show on swedish national radio

Swedish national radio will broadcast the show from this year's Arvika festival. The broadcasting date isn't set yet. The P3 LIVE called radio show will broadcast the NEP show from Arvika festival. Back in 1988 the swedish radio also recorded the show from Hultsfred festival. This recording can also be find on bootlegs like Loveland as well Rythm Control. Stay tune for the date!

Thanks to Stefan for the update!

01.Sept2006 Happy Birthday Douglas!

Today it's Doug's birthday and he's in japan and prepared there the show for tomorrow at yokohama's wire06 festival. Even though: the nitzer ebb network wishes happy birthday Douglas!

22.Aug2006 Nitzer Ebb - new material

Now what Douglas can say about the new material is this: "Nitzer Ebb have been talking with british producer Jagz Kooner and we plan to try and grab a few days in the studio before we leave for japan. Bon and Kourtney have been working on some basic grooves and jams while they had a couple of weeks in LA together and Bon has brought them over as a basis from which we can start some new songs from. We will continue to write while we are on the road and hope to have a pretty large pool of ideas to work from once we get back to LA together and meet up again with jagz to see if we can put together a whole album. Obviously time is pressing in all of this as we hit the road again in europe in october/november. So no promises, but we really want to get new material out as soon as possible."

Jagz Kooner is a UK born producer who has worked with Radio 4, Manic Street Preachers, Primal Scream, Garbage & Infadels. Has performed remixes for Siobhan Fahey and Kasabian amongst others.

12.Aug2006 Happy Birthday Bon!

Today it's Bon's birthday and unfortunately, he must work......on stage at the M'era Luna festival. The nitzer ebb network wishes happy birthday Bon!

04.Aug2006 NEP's very first concert poster

View the first ever Nitzer Ebb poster for the first ever gig at the pictures gallery "the early years". Thanks to David Gooday for his kind support!!

view the poster: HERE

29.Jul 2006 Fixmer/McCarthy on ARTE

On August 5th the german-french culture channel ARTE will broadcast the Romuald Karmaka Film "Between the Devil and the Wide Blue Sea". Live acts of bands from the international electronic music scene. In plansequences the film shows – without interviews or commentary – diverse strategies of presentation of computerbased music in the season 2004/05. An ethnographic view on European subculture that has turned into an international subsystem.

Cast: Alter Ego, Captain Comatose, Cobra Killer, Fixmer/McCarthy, Lotterboys, Tarwater, T.Raumschmiere, Rechenzentrum, Xlover

more info: HERE

for everyone which are interested: the setlist of the FM show at the amphi festival on July 23th:

Look To Me
Pistol Whipper
And then Finally
Love The Night
You Want It

13.Jul 2006 Body Rework Competition

In a few days the new Nitzer Ebb Remix Album "Body Rework - Remixes" will be available! On this occasion you have the chance to win some rare NEP stuff. Please visit the microsite for all relevant information about this competition. Good luck!

02.Jul 2006 new features on
The new features on as summary:

new interview stuff with Simon Granger, the man behind the Nitzer Ebb album graphics and Duc Nhan Nguyen one of Nitzer Ebb's string of drummers. Read it: HERE

The picture galleries edited. Find there new pics from the beginning of Nitzer Ebb. Please click: HERE

Thanks to Stefan from Zero for the interviews and Pictures!

The Body Of Work Microsite is now complete with all the infos around the forthcoming Remix Album Body Rework - Remixes. A competition is planned. or click the banner on right side! - Collectors Site

No, isn't mine! There you'll find John's large Nitzer Ebb Collection. He has started to put together a Nitzer Ebb collectors site. Unfortunately, all information is not stored in any database. This is planned, but it might take some time. Images are linked to better resolution, however all images are taken with digital camera and some are not that good and will be replaced.

Please visit:

24.Jun 2006 Kourtney Klein Interview

Kourtney Klein is the new Nitzer Ebb live drummer, for the bands “Body of Work” tour. ZERO magazine contacted Kourtney to hear her story, that includes her participation in Combichrist.

Thanks to Stefan from Zero (Sweden) for providing the interview!!

read the interview: HERE
ZERO Website

18.Jun 2006 Nitzer Ebb Body Rework

All facts to the forthcoming NEP remix album called "Body Rework Remixes" did added to discography section. View larger images of the cover artwork: HERE

read label news here:

Thanks to Jürgen ( for the cover!

Discography Body Rework (Remixes)

  Nitzer Ebb Documentary

The Nitzer Ebb story, so far, will be told through a documentary film, which is set to be released later this year.

Both fans and prominent people in the music scene will be interviewed, in order to tell the Nitzer Ebb story through other people's experiences. One of the people who have been interviewed, regarding the band, is proskateboarder Tony Hawk.

The band's upcoming tour is being followed by a film crew. The idea is to catch a kind of "fly on the wall," backstage feeling.

Hopefully, both new and old fans will find this documentary interesting, Douglas said from Los Angeles.

"It's going to be a cool project, as a story being told. Its something that would be interesting in itself, even if you're not a fan," he said.

Thanks to Stefan from Zero for the news!

  Basic Pain Procedure

Likewise in discography section was added the first demo cassette of Nitzer Ebb from the year 1983. The inquiry is in clarification to be allowed to set snippets of the tracks online. More to come!

Many thanks to Donald for the scans.

Basic Pain Procedure
Discussion about that theme at the Forum

10.Jun 2006 Nitzer Ebb Remix Album
Mute Records has announced the release date for Nitzer Ebb Remix Album. "Body Rework" will be released on July 21!

Tracklisting CD (NOMU166CD):
Control (I'm Here) (Dubfire's Jamrock Remix)
Getting Closer (Black Strobe EBM Homage)
Join In The Chant (Xpress 2 Remix)
Lightning Man (Motor Remix)
Shame (Derrick May Remix)
Control (I'm Here) (The Hacker Remix 2006)
I Thought (Robag's Schikkuli Vocal Rework))
Murderous (Phil Kieran Remix)
Getting Closer (Black Strobe Moderne Remix)
Let Your Body Learn (Terence Fixmer Remix 2006)
Join In The Chant (Knarz Ist Machine) (Thomas P. Heckmann Remix)

Tracklisting Vinyl (NOMU166LP):
A1 Control (I'm Here) (Dubfire's Jamrock Remix)
A2 Getting Closer (Black Strobe EBM Homage)
B1 Join In The Chant (Xpress 2 Remix)
C1 Getting Closer (Black Strobe Moderne Remix)
C2 Lightning Man (Motor Dub)
D1 Control (I'm Here) (Dubfire's Arrowhead Dub)
D2 I Thought (Robag's Schikkuli Instrumental)

  more NEP live pictures and reviews

new live stuff added to the pictures section! View new gallery 14 for pics of NEP's Paris show on June 7th at La Loco. Thanks to Nadia for sending the pics and the approval to use that cool stuff on nep websites!!

Paris, La Loco Gallery

read some concert reviews in the forum. please feel free to post your own concert impressions there!

concert reviews

05.Jun 2006 Body Of Work out now!

Since June 2nd the Nitzer Ebb Best Of Compilation "Body Of Work" has been available in every record store! The worldwide release date for the Compilation will be on June 5th. A Body Of Work competition will be carry out very soon. Still the profits are missing....

  more Fixmer/McCarthy Shows confirmed

More Fixmer/McCarthy Show dates are confirmed. F/M will play shows in June at the already known appointments. Therefore following shows are confirmed:

11.06.2006 - new Alicante Club Metro Spain
23.06.2006 - new Almeria Malibu Club Spain
23.07.2006 Kologne Amphi Festival Germany
26.08.2006 Gijon Love Joy Club Spain
11.11.2006 Malta Liquid Club Malta

more on

24.May2006 Nitzer Ebb Running Order WGT

The band will be on the stage on June 2nd at 01.10 h. Further acts on this day will be Soko Friedhof, Deathstars, Lacrimosa and others.

Agra Halle
Bornaische Straße 210, Leipzig
Tram: 11
Tram Stop: Am Eichwinkel

visit WGT Website for all details:

  Fixmer/McCarthy Show this saturday

On this Saturday Douglas and Terence will play together a show as Fixmer/McCarthy in Edinburgh. FM will headline the Dark City Festival  on saturday at 22:40 till 00:00. Beside the Nitzer Ebb shows in 2006 further FM Live shows are confirmed. The dates which are certain at present you'll find listed on official FM website!

  Maven Candidate Video online

Maven have finished their first video. Watch the new “Candidate” video on official maven website mvnmusic dot com!

  Nitzer Ebb concert reviews

Who would like to write a nitzer ebb concert review, please use the possibility of doing this in the forum. You can just leave there your concert impressions in english as well in german language. However you can only do this as a registered member of this community. Please use only the forum and not the guestbook for these, your entries. The thread will be online very soon!

Thank you!

16.May2006 First infos about Novamute Album - Body Rework

As an accompaniment to the Mute 'Body of Work - Best of Nitzer Ebb', Novamute will release for the first time on CD a collection of Nitzer Ebb remixes commissioned between 1989-2006.

Nitzer Ebb's influence on the US and European dance scene has been inestimable over the years and novamute has been steadily releasing 12" only remixes of classic Ebb tracks by Derrick May, LO, The Hacker, Phil Kieran, Terence Fixmer and Thomas Heckmann throughout the period of the label's tenure. These 12" singles are all still available.

New and previously unreleased remixes by Dubfire (Deep Dish), Motor, Black Strobe and Xpress 2 and Robag Wruhme will be added to the CD package and will also released on vinyl for the first time.

Tracklisting CD (NOMU166CD):
Control (I'm Here) (Dubfire's Jamrock Remix)
Getting Closer (Black Strobe EBM Homage)
Join In The Chant (Xpress 2 Remix)
Lightning Man (Motor Remix)
Shame (Derrick May Remix)
Control (I'm Here) (The Hacker Remix 2006)
I Thought (Robag's Schikkuli Vocal Rework))
Murderous (Phil Kieran Remix)
Getting Closer (Black Strobe Moderne Remix)
Let Your Body Learn (Terence Fixmer Remix 2006)
Join In The Chant (Knarz Ist Machine) (Thomas P. Heckmann Remix)

Tracklisting Vinyl (NOMU166LP):
A1 Control (I'm Here) (Dubfire's Jamrock Remix)
A2 Getting Closer (Black Strobe EBM Homage)
B1 Join In The Chant (Xpress 2 Remix)
C1 Getting Closer (Black Strobe Moderne Remix)
C2 Lightning Man (Motor Dub)
D1 Control (I'm Here) (Dubfire's Arrowhead Dub)
D2 I Thought (Robag's Schikkuli Instrumental)

Release Dates: TBC

Thanks to Anne from Mute for her kind support

  New Interview with Bon

A new interview with Bon Harris is now up in english and russian version on SHOUT! Online website! Thanks to Alex for sending in the interview links.

Interview in english
SHOUT! website

12.May2006 Bon & Maven News

Bon has also been very busy getting ready for the Nitzer Ebb shows. Maven is working on new material and Bon is also working on a dance remix of SilverBirds. A video for The Candidate is in final edit and it's great! More info soon.

A huge Thank You to JB for the news update!!

  Body Of Work pre-order and a free Nitzer Ebb promo vinyl to win

The UK online music store Music Non Stop, specialise in the Industrial, EBM, Electro, Goth genres of music have just started to pre-sell the forthcoming Nitzer Ebb 2CD 'Body Of Work 1984-1997' and in conjuction with Mute, the MNS are giving away a free Nitzer Ebb promo vinyl to 5 lucky customers who pre-order the 2CD from the Music Non Stop store.

Please feel free to check out the website at

07.May2006 Body Of Work 1984 - 1997 - CDMUTEL9

Have a first look on the Body Of Work Compilation! The compilation has appeared as a promotional copy only. The regular album is released as announced on June 2nd. The catalogue number is CDMUTEL9 and ACDMUTEL9 for the promo. See also the discography section, the BOW was already added there.

Body Of Work 1
Body Of Work 2

  Nitzer Ebb live in Oslo 1989

New live pictures are online in the pictures section. In Gallery 4 you'll find 7 pictures of the Nitzer Ebb Show in Oslo on Februar 9th, 1989. The pictures were provided to by Lars Madsen from Norway. So it might leave on the stage also in 2006...

Thanks to Lars for sending in the pics!!

the Oslo Gallery

02.May2006 Body Of Work 1984 - 1997 on 2nd June 2006

The Body OF Work Compilation will be available starting from June 2nd, 2006. It is for this reason many european-wide Nitzer Ebb Nites are organized, on which be celebrated the record release properly. All dates, the tracklisting of the second CD and the cover of the Body Of Work Compilation are callable on the Microsite immediately.

The Nitzer Ebb Nites will be supported by Mute Records and Hardbeat Promotion!

16.Apr 2006 Nitzer Ebb official press photo

The first official photo of Nitzer ebb for over 10 years is now online for you. To find in the pictures section at Nitzer Ebb Promotional or in somewhat larger dimensions: HERE

09.Apr 2006 Jason Payne Interview - the last drummer of Nitzer Ebb

After their stormy breakup, Jason Payne became the last drummer of Nitzer Ebb. Jason Payne left the scene after the band's last, intense "Big Hit" tour. Stefan of Zero Magazine caught up with Jason Payne in Los Angeles to hear, for the first time, his thoughts on the band's breakup, and about his current projects.

Read the full interview: HERE

Thanks to Stefan from Zero for his support!!

06.Apr 2006 Maven EP appears on iTunes

Bon's current project Maven released their first EP on April 4th, 2006 with name "Mary (cluster version)". The EP is a internet only release. The cover and tracklisting information you get at the Release Info section on this website and the music on iTunes.

Release Info
Maven Website

02.Apr 2006 / presents

on Saturday, May 27th, 2006 presents BODY OF WORK - the Nitzer Ebb Record release party at the u-boot Dresden. The Mindstripper and The Matrix from mindINdependence DJ-Team will DJing this party. Open doors 22h and for only 3 € you take part. would like say thank you to the following people, who supported this party:


JB of

Peddy of Neuwerk Music

Saturday, May 27th, 2006
Dresden U-Boot

I am disappointed by the people which did not consider it necessary to answer to my email inquiries.

for all people which plan to organize a Nitzer Ebb record release party too: please announces you to me and I place your party into the Events section of the Body Of Work Microsite - for free!!

26.Mar 2006 Bon & Maven News
Bon is super-busy and currently, he's in London. He is to meet Douglas this weekend to discuss the NE tour.

Cordless Recordings is releasing 3 Maven songs on April 4, 2006. Mary, The Candidate, and Jesus, Mary and Jennifer Louise. There is a free download for Mary at A video for The Candidate will also be released later in April. Whether the songs shall appear also on CD there is discussion of this but nothing solid as of yet.

Find a current Bon bio on this page:

Bon is DJing the Bondage Ball at the Avalon Hollywood on April 16 and is composing music for a few TV shows but he's currently not allowed to talk about them.

April, 16 2006 the Bondage Ball – Avalon Hollywood
1735 N Vine (Just North of Hollywood and Vine),
Hollywood, CA 90028
Cost: $20

Thanks to JB for sending me the news above!!

08.Mar 2006 Body Of Work 1984 - 1997 on 29th May 2006

The Nitzer Ebb Best Of "Body OF Work 1984 - 1997" is ready for a release on 29th May 2006 on Mute Records. For further information such as Tracklisting and the official Mute Records Press announcement please view the Body Of Work Microsite. The Microsite is attainable also under bodyofwork.nitzer or click the Body Of Work banner on the right side of this page! More to the topic as soon as I received the information.

27.Feb 2006 Nitzer Ebb the early years

As of now the complete Nitzer Ebb Memoribilia stuff are available at the PDF-Gallery. There you can find 23 PDF at this time, with partially very rare and hard to find Concert Posters and Flyer as well details from Newspapers and Music magazines from the early days of Nitzer Ebb. Have much fun to rake among the stuff.

PDF Gallery

18.Feb 2006 Nitzer Ebb the early years
Some more pictures are added to "gallery 1 the early years" today. Some very rare and very old Nitzer Ebb Memoribilia you will find also in the new PDF gallery. Have fun!

Many thanks again to David and Stefan!
  Fixmer/McCarthy Shows 2006

For all the fans which would like to see one or several Fixmer/McCarthy Shows besides Nitzer Ebb, here is a small summary of the shows already confirmed for the year 2006:

03.03.2006 London Elektrowerkz England
23.05.2006 Cologne Amphi Festival Germany
27.05.2006 Edinburgh Dark City Festival Scotland
26.08.2006 Gijon Love Joy Club Spain
11.11.2006 Malta Liquid Club Malta

Further Informations and related weblinks on

  Maven Website

The new Maven website is attainable under as of now. Find there, among other things, a free download of the Maven Track "Mary"

12.Feb 2006 Nitzer Ebb the early years

See rarest pictures from Nitzer Ebb's very first Live Show in the Pictures Section of this website. Furthermore I have received really very rare photos, concert reviews, posters, show flyers, Nitzer Ebb text products and further Memoribilia's from Nitzer Ebb's early years. I must work on and digitize the stuff first, after that the complete memoribilia stuff will be available on the website. Furthermore the past tourdates section was filled up with the dates of the years 1983 till 1986.

Many thanks to David Abbott from London for sending me the very rare stuff for use it on the websites!!!

06.Feb 2006 Body Of Work News update

There is no set release date yet, but NE and Mute are working on may 2006 to fit with the first show at WGT. They have decided to change the format slightly, so there will be:

1. Body Of Work CD
a 2 disc cd released by Mute that will have all the singles and related tracks (rareties such as bonus tracks that were very limited etc) on disc 1 and then disc 2 will contain original remixes and maybe some very rare or unreleased ones too.

2. Body Of Work Vinyl
Mute will also release a cut down vinyl version of Body Of Work containing the classic and most sort after (by dj's) remixes.

3. Body Of Work DVD
partly due to the large amount of footage that is spread around the globe and partly because they want to shoot and include footage from the upcoming tour, they will postpone the release of the dvd to the autumn. it will contain all the videos and plenty of never before seen footage from the entire history of Nitzer Ebb.

4. Body Of Work Microsite
will be online soon and containing all informations to the Body Of Work Releases.

  Nitzer Ebb Remix Compilation

Novamute will release another remix compilation containing all the more recent remixes as well as 2 new remixes, 1 by MOTOR, and another tbc. Further information as soon as these were announced.

  general Informations

These news was transmitted by Douglas McCarthy today. You may copy the news text above to your own website. Don't forget the list of references! Many thanks! You will find further news in the Nitzer Ebb 2006 section of this website!

01.Feb 2006 Julian Beeston Interview

Referring to the news of January 29th, the new interview with Julian Beeston is now up in english version on website! View Interview section or click the link below:

Julian Beeston Interview

Thanks to Stefan from Zero Magazine!!

29.Jan 2006 the official Fixmer/McCarthy Website

Only for information: the the official Fixmer/McCarthy website is online now in german too. contains all the features of the dot com version in german language. Please have a look and make your bookmark!

0 your opinion is in demand

You can participate at the polls in the forum. It turns everything around the reunion shows like set list, which song shall be played etc pp. At the moment only one poll is online but further polls will follow soon. Important: you don't have to be a registered member of the community to be able to take a vote.

to the polls

0 Sonic Seducer appears with new Nitzer Ebb Stuff

The now available new Sonic Seducer issue appears with a new two site Nitzer Ebb story.  The magazine interviewed both, Douglas McCarthy and Bon Harris.

reading rehearsal (only in german)
Sonic Seducer Website

0 Julian Beeston interview in preparation

A further, very interesting interview is done. The swedish zero magazine interviewed the former Nitzer Ebb member Julian Beeston! The interview will be online very soon on that website and on zero magazine website too!

Zero Website

20.Jan 2006 now available official Nitzer Ebb Merchandise

Immediately you can order original nitzer ebb merchandise from big stone online store. Note: the exclusive sales takes place only up to the Wave Gotik Treffen at the beginning of June 2006. After this schedule the nitzer ebb stuff are not any longer offered there. Don't miss your chance to purchase this exclusive stuff first from big stone! Important note: the designs which offered at Big Stone Shop will be only available until beginning of the WGT, after this no more.

Big Stone Online Shop

10.Jan 2006 News update and summary by Douglas McCarthy

Body Of Work Best Of:
Douglas is waiting to hear from mute about a release schedule. At this time there is not any confirmed release date. A release in spring 2006 is to be  improbable!

Remix Album:
Similarly, Douglas will be hearing a schedule from mute. Although the basic idea when Douglas last spoke with Daniel Miller was that they would release the re-mix album 6-8 weeks after the 'body of work' (the best of).

a possible new collaboration with Mute:
Nothing has been discussed. Nitzer Ebb do not have a record deal for future releases with mute or any other record company.

Douglas vs Die Krupps:
Douglas recorded (sung in german) a new version of Machineries after the last german gig by F/M. Also there will be an FM remix of it too. See also the news archive 2005 to receive more informations about this fact!

Still need to finish mixing the album, but Douglas and Terence are pretty certain they will release it in september 2006. Don't forget the limited vinyl release in march this year with 'and then finally' on side A and with 'look to me' on side B.

Thank you Douglas!

07.Jan 2006 new interview with Douglas McCarthy

Referring to the news of January 1st, the new interview with Douglas McCarthy is now up in english version on website! View Interview section or click the link below:

Douglas McCarthy Interview

Thanks to Stefan from Zero Magazine!

01.Jan 2006 Happy New Year

The webmaster wish everyone a happy new year 2006. You find the news from 2005 in the archive now. Nevertheless I've still taken on news update by Bon in the year 2006.

  new interviews with Douglas McCarthy & David Gooday

The first ever made interview with David Gooday is now up in english version on website! View Interview section or click the link below:

David Gooday Interview

Another interview with Douglas McCarthy is now up on the official Arvika Festival website. Its in swedish right now, but a english version of the interview will be available on as soon as possible!

Thanks again to Stefan from Zero Magazine! Keep up the good work!

Interview Douglas
Arvika Festival Website
Zero Magazine

29.Dec2005 Maven News transmitted by Bon Harris

Maven recently signed with Cordless, part of the Warner Music Group. They will initially be releasing 3 songs exclusively on the internet in March. This will be followed by subsequent groups of 3 songs at regular intervals. Bon is excited about working with Cordless because they are offering an alternative to the defunct "old industry" idea of a record label/record relase. They are playing a show in Los Angeles on Jan 11th. Bon will supply more specific details later. Look for more Maven news as the new year unfolds.

See also the Maven Info site on this website for more details about Maven!

Maven Info in the www:
Info Site on click HERE