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29.Dec 2005 Maven News transmitted by Bon Harris

Maven recently signed with Cordless, part of the Warner Music Group. They will initially be releasing 3 songs exclusively on the internet in March. This will be followed by subsequent groups of 3 songs at regular intervals. Bon is excited about working with Cordless because they are offering an alternative to the defunct "old industry" idea of a record label/record relase. They are playing a show in Los Angeles on Jan 11th. Bon will supply more specific details later. Look for more Maven news as the new year unfolds.

See also the Maven Info site on this website for more details about Maven!

Maven Info in the www:
Info Site on click HERE

17.Dec 2005 the first ever made David Gooday interview

The first ever made interview with David Gooday is now up on the swedish website Its in swedish right now, but a english version of the interview will be available on as soon as possible! Thanks to Stefan from Zero Magazine!

14.Dec2005 David Gooday writes for the website

Concerning to a possible London show of Nitzer Ebb in the originally Live line Up, i requested David to write some lines for the website in which he describes his time near Nitzer Ebb and the time after that. Thanks to David for the rapid reply to my request!

read it HERE

28.Nov2005 Nitzer Ebb Information

Douglas has sent me a small News update concerning Nitzer Ebb 2006. You can look up the news and information in the newly Nitzer Ebb 2006 link  at the navigation on the left side. Note: reserved for changes.

Nitzer Ebb 2006


F/M will release the vinyl hopefully february/march next year. It will be two new tracks "And Then Finally" which has never been played live and "Look To Me" which has been played live at most F/M shows this year.

There will also be a special 10 year anniversary CD release by german electro magazine Sonic seducer and one or two of the above tracks will appear on that. More Infos soon on official F/M website.

25.Nov2005 Another Nitzer Ebb Shows for 2006 confirmed

Nitzer Ebb enters Arvika's main stage on Friday July 14 and also the mainstage at Hildesheim Festival M'era Luna on August 12. The dates was just confirmed. Please go on official festival website's for all further information.

18.Nov2005 Nitzer Ebb - Control They're Back

So the title of the Nitzer Ebb news story in December/January edition of german's electro magazine Sonic Seducer, appearing in that one today. Who pursues the news attentively on, much new is not found out, at most that the Nitzer Ebb Best Of could become a topic again....

12.Nov2005 Advanced Electronics Festival Video online

A new live video of Join In The Chant is online available under the videos link. Filmed during Advanced Electronics Festival at Starclub Dresden. The played Nitzer Ebb Songs will be shortly completely online. The played F/M Tracks will be always on - Freefall can already be looked at! Reference: all new songs on the current Liveset of F/M can not be made online at the moment. These will be online after the release of the new Album on the official FM Website.

The F/M Setlist at Advanced Electronics Festivals in Dresden und Krefeld:

F/M Intro
Join In The Chant - Video online
Pistol Whipper
Hate Me
Control I'm Here
Tonight I Sleep
Freefall - Video online on
You Want It
You Love The Night
Let Your Body Learn

Many Thanks To Kay for his support!

04.Nov2005 Douglas McCarthy & Die Krupps

Douglas McCarthy of Nitzer Ebb visited Die Krupps last Sunday (30.10.05) in the Atom H studio in Düsseldorf and made his vocal contribution to the new version of "The Machineries of Joy". It really rocks and for sure it will become a frequent guest on the DJ's turntables! In particular worth mentioning is the fact that Douglas does not only sing in English this time, but also in German...

Thanks To Stefan!

31.Oct 2005 Nitzer Ebb Reunion Shows - a Summary

Since publication of the report that Nitzer Ebb will stand on the stage and play some shows in 2006 together again, the gossip factory really seethes. Regarding to this I asked Douglas for answers to the questions as follows:

the Fixmer/McCarthy Project: "F/M is my main project. Terence and i will play shows as normal, Nitzer Ebb is a one off special tour. It will be very limited - miss this chance to see Nitzer Ebb and you will miss out forever!"

Why again together on the stage and new Nitzer Ebb material scheduled?"It was the constant requests that we were getting to do a show that made us at least talk about the possibilities of doing these special dates. We have absolutely no plans to record new Nitzer Ebb material."

No further dates are confirmed until present time except Wave Gothic Treffen. Other appointments are purely speculative at this time. The exclusive Booking will handling by Neuwerk Music management.

Thanks to Douglas and Peddy!
Diskussion im Forum

27.Oct 2005 Nitzer Ebb Reunion confirmed

Confirmed hereby: Nitzer Ebb are back!! Douglas met with Bon in chicago this week and they will play some special shows next year. They will play for sure Wave Gotik Treffen as the headline act. Neuwerk Music Management will be handling the booking. Further information will follow as soon as these are confirmed by Douglas, Bon and Peddy of Neuwerk. Therefore the little delayed information on

discussion at the Forum

26.Oct 2005 Fixmer/McCarthy - Hate Me Shirt

F/M have a new t-shirt design for the german shows. It has "Hate Me" written on the front which those who have seen F/M recently will recognise as a song from the as yet unreleased album. They're a very cool shirt and at the moment limited to just 100! In a larger quantity as official Merchandise available at a later time surely.

Have much fun on the festivals!

21.Oct 2005 Muscle And Hate - A Tribute To Nitzer Ebb

Muscle And Hate is a new breathtaking project which will soon burn down the worldwide electronic clubfloors. Sebastian R. Komor (of Icon of Coil, Monofader, Moonitor fame), who's one of the best electro producers to date has started to create an own new production field. On november 18th 2005 Infacted Recordings is going to release an outstanding collection of cover versions of one of the most popular EBM bands off all time: NITZER EBB. With the help of singer "Paul" of Infacted Recordings recording artist XP8 who lent his vocal talents to Sebastian's production work, the project has created a very modern but even powerfull and unique interpretation of some of the most popular Nitzer Ebb tracks such as Murderous, Control I'm Here and Violent Playground. See Coverartwork and complete Tracklist under Release Infos Link at navigation.

Release Infos

  Fixmer/McCarthy Interview

But already carried out within a year's time but nevertheless worth reading! You find the complete interview on (without a hyphen!)

06.Oct 2005 exclusive: the Sonic Seducer Cover of November Issue

The November issue of german electro music magazine Sonic Seducer will appear with a 16-sided title story: Depeche Mode vs. Fixmer/McCarthy, the summit meeting: exclusive double interview of the two electro icons over old times, God and the world as well as the worldwide only Photo session! The issue is published on October 18th. More information soon under Advance orders already possible.

Many thanks to Jörn Karstedt of the Sonic Seducer for the information & pictures!

More pictures in the forum: click here


21.Sep 2005 Douglas McCarthy vs Depeche Mode & others

The following news i've received by Douglas last weekend. First a short report about the interview together with Depeche Mode and after this some short words about the collaboration with Motor and Warren Suicide as well.

"actually it was more MG v DM as it was just myself and martin. i met him after a very long day (for him) of interviews and we had a tight schedule of 30 minutes to talk and do photos, but as it turned out we had so much fun talking - of the past present and future - that we went on for about an hour and a half. i really enjoyed it, as it's been years since we had a relaxed chat. i think the interview will be funny."

"after the chat we all went for diner and i made sure mute/emi bought me some VERY expensive red wine! and a very nice steak. ha ha ha. then fueled purely on alcohol martin and i stayed up talking in his suite till the next morning... agh! poor martin had to do top of the pops in colonge later that day... ouch!"

"i stayed in berlin a few more days and went to see my friends warren suicide, who are STILL trying to finish mixing their album! and as things have now changed a great deal with the song we recorded together they have lost nearly all of the vocal i did for them, and will now use it for another song entirely. that may sound strange, but it's quite common actually."

"since coming back to london i have been working with some other projects - MOTOR on nova mute for one, and it seems they want to release the track we did together as a single, but we shall see."

  Fixmer/McCarthy Release Plans

F/M will finish the recording of the next album this month Douglas hope. Then they will mix very soon to be able to release by march next year. But F/M will also release a very limited vinyl 12" of 2 new songs. These will not be the same as the final mixes on the album but F/M want to get a reaction in the clubs to where they have taken FM since 'between...'


10.Sep 2005 Advanced Electronics Vol.4 + Festival

Releasedate: October 7 on Synthetic Symphony / SPV - 32 Tracks on this compilation and 22 of this are exclusively or for the first time on CD available. The liner notes in the booklet wrote by FRONT242. Approx. 160 minutes of the absolute highlights from the Generes Electro, Techno, Industrial, Electro Pop and EBM!

view also the Release Infos: here

Get your chance to win 2x2 free tickets for both Advanced Electronics Festival Dates in Dresden and Krefeld as well (both in Germany). It's a very simply way to win! Go on the official Fixmer/McCarthy Website for all needed informations about the draw! Thanks to Eric Burton from Hardbeat Promtion!

  Douglas McCarthy vs Depeche Mode

Douglas will inform me with first informations about the meeting with Depeche Mode in Berlin within the next days. There will be first pictures at the beginning of October at the earliest.

27.Aug2005 Douglas McCarthy & Depeche Mode

In the November issue of german electro magazine Sonic Seducer there will be a 10 page cover story - Douglas McCarthy interviews Depeche Mode DM v FM. It is an exclusive interview.

  Fixmer/McCarthy plays at Advanced Electronics Festival

FM will pay another visit to Dresden. In the context of the Advanced Electronics Festival FM will play a show in Dresden and in Krefeld as well. You can look up the Running order in the forum.

28.Oktober 2005 Starclub Dresden
29.Oktober 2005 Kulturfabrik Krefeld

Running Order

06.Aug2005 Douglas McCarthy injury

Douglas tore the ligaments in his left ankle while on stage at Nandrin Festival in Liege on friday. He continued with the show and was taken to hospital as soon as he came off stage. He is not supposed to walk for 6 weeks but he will of course! Douglas thanks everyone in the audience at nandrin and he apologise if he made any mistakes but he was distracted by the great pain in his ankle.

Good Recovery Doug!!


Referring to the News from July 15 (see below) there are further informations about the "Between The Devil And The Wide Blue Sea" Film which will be introduced at the 58th International Film Festival in Locarno. See all credits, Screenshots and Screening Dates HERE

  Bon Harris produces Billy Corgan's Soloalbum

For everyone shouldn't have known or heard it this one: The new solo album of Billy Corgan (former Smashing Pumpkins) The FUTURE EMBRACE was recorded in Chicago and produced by Corgan himself in Cooperation with Bjorn Thorsrud and Bon Harris and mixed by Alan Moulder as well!

15.Jul 2005 Fixmer/McCarthy

See F/M in a new film on screen at the cinema. Please read the facts below. More news about the film hopefully soon:


A film by Romuald Karmakar!

The film will have his premiere at this year's 58th International Film Festival in Locarno (Switzerland). The festival takes place from 3th till 13th of august.


Live acts of bands from the international electronic music scene. In plansequences the film shows – without interviews or commentary – diverse strategies of presentation of computerbased music in the season 2004/05. An ethnographic view on European subculture that has turned into an international subsystem.


Alter Ego, Captain Comatose, Cobra Killer, Fixmer/McCarthy, Lotterboys, Tarwater, T.Raumschmiere, Rechenzentrum, Xlover


Director, Camera: Romuald Karmakar
Sound: Hirbod Aminlari
Editior: Robert Thomann, Uwe Klimmeck, Patricia Rommel
Production Company: Pantera Film GmbH, Berlin
Germany, 2005, 90 min, ratio: 4:3, color, Stereo

06.Jul 2005 Fixmer/McCarthy - Free Tickets

Get your chance to win Free Tickets for the F/M Show this Saturday at Berlin's Now Urban Festival 2005. Please write only to and you'll take part in the draw! The draw ends Friday, July 8th at 12:00 noon! The winners will be informed. Good Luck! Process of law is excluded.

Thanks to Markus from Now Urban Team Berlin!

22.Jun 2005 Fixmer/McCarthy - You Want It

Out now: "You Want It", the final release from the "Between The Devil" Album. all informations about the release and the coverartwork under the Release Infos Link at navigation!! You can buy the maxi under:

The pictures from the woodstage 2005 festival will be online soon. Please visit in the meantime the forum. There you'll find some pics from the festival:

A new Show Date has been confirmed: Berlin, Now Urban Culture Festival 05 on July 09! Please visit official FM website or   the official festival website for more informations: - new features

Some new wallpaper themes now available under the Wallpapers / Stuff Link at navigation. Many thanks to Kati from Chemnitz for her ideas!!

Some new (old) Nitzer Ebb Pics will be online soon in the Bilder (Pics) Gallery. Stay tuned...

On you can find in the Media link under videos new (short) video of this years F/M Paris Show Made available kindly by Douglas himself!!

04.Jun 2005 Douglas McCarthy on stage with Warren Suicide

Douglas made a surprise appearance at a Warren Suicide Gig last night in London at a Venue called KOKO, it was an CLUB NME night... much fun! Douglas only did "Addiction" and then came back for the last song... keep an eye out!

02.Jun 2005 Douglas McCarthy as a guest vocalist

Douglas have appeared as a guest vocalist on a track with the Berlin based Band Warren Suicide. The track is called "Addiction" and will appear on their forthcoming album. Douglas recorded it at the guy's studio in Berlin. Warren Suicide opened for Fixmer/McCarthy on some of the german shows last year!

  This Is Techno Body Music Vol.1 - a draw

The competition is finished. The winners were informed. Many thanks for the numerous participation!

  Fixmer/McCarthy - Beta Version of the Website

Since today the new Beta Version of the official Fixmer/McCarthy Website is online!

Please bookmark this site with only! The content on is accomplishable not any longer ! It serves only as passing to the new server. Please update your websites! Thank You and now take much pleasure in the new FM Website!

  Nitzer Ebb

How already informed in the forum: Mute erased the long-awaited "Best Of" from your Release Schedule. R.I.P.

18.May2005 This Is Techno Body Music Vol.1 - a draw

Get a chance to win one of three limited Boxes of "This is Techno Body Music" Compilation as of today. The conditions of participation are very simple: you must only confirm your participation under the emailaddress below. That's all. Registration deadline: May 31! The winners will be informed. Process of law is excluded.

Many thanks to Eric Burton of Hardbeat Promotion for provision the stuff!!

12.May2005 Fixmer/McCarthy

The finale release from "Between The Devil..." album is now ready for an release on June 7th. This issue only appears on 12" Vynil and will be released on Planete Rouge Rec. It contains the Dave Clarke Remix from "You Want It" and the "Come Inside" rework of the new french talent Christopher Kah.

  This Is Techno Body Music Vol.1

On occasion of the release of the above-mentioned sampler a draw will be carry out by in cooperation with Hardbeat Promotion, at which you've the chance to win one limited box of the sampler each gives thrice! Everything else follows within a few days!

A special thanks to Eric Burton!!

Release Website

04.May2005 Nitzer Ebb & Greenpeace Mexico

Greenpeace Mexico will produce a 30 seconds TV commercial with Nitzer Ebb's "Join in The Chant" in the background. The Spot contains a lot of terrible real images about the environment and earth destruction. The commercial shall be shown in the Mexican cable TV and on the Greenpeace Mexico website.

Many thanks to Anne Haffmans of Mute Germany!

21.Apr 2005 Nitzer Ebb - Best of Compilation

Referring to the news update from March 20th i would clarify the following: the concept "new album" means only the  common currency Best Of Compilation. It's definitely not planned to publish a new record or studio album from Nitzer Ebb. Douglas and Bon are also not involved in the Best Of Compilation Release Plans from Mute!!!

Sorry, but I hope to clear up the mistake now!!

  Release News and Wallpapers on

the Release Information site on were updated today! Added the new Compilation "This Is Techno Body Music Vol.1". On this compilation among other things you'll find the Hacker Remix from Nitzer Ebb's "Control I'm Here" and also a Terence Fixmer Solo Track from his new album.

for release infos please click here

Get some new Wallpapers Theme for your CPU. Click Wallpapers/Stuff Link at navigation. Thanks to Kati for her support!

Please click HERE

12.Apr 2005 Douglas McCarthy & VNV Nation

Douglas together with the guys from VNV Nation on stage last night at Berlin's Kesselhaus. They performed the Ebb track "Getting Closer" in the encore part of the VNV Nation Show!


Maven songs for you to check out, enjoy....on the new site there is a player with four songs on it...just thought you might like to know...the address is:

20.Mar 2005 Nitzer Ebb

there is a good and bad news from Body Of Work Best Of Release: bad one is: that the release is disappeared from the Mute release term schedule for ever. The good one is: that a new album and a Live DVD are also on the same plan!! But without an confirmed release appointment at this time. Therefore caution for overhasty hopes!! - a new Feature available

Now you can ordering your own Nitzer Ebb Fan Shirt from Please click the Wallpapers / Stuff Link at navigation there are shown all available motives. There you can also learn everything else for your order. Thank you to Stefan at for his help and cooperation.

get your shirt HERE

03.Mar 2005 Fixmer/McCarthy

The news are taken from the official Terence Fixmer Website. Dave Clarke has finished the remix of the track You Want It from Fixmer/McCarthy. the project of Terence Fixmer and Nitzer Ebb singer Douglas Mccarthy. One word: Smashing !!!

Release date during May on Planete Rouge rec. dist Neuton.

03.Mar 2005

welcome back on the new designed websites at
i hope you like the new design. your feedback is important for me, positive and negative too. Your suggestions for improvement are very welcome. Please use the KONTAKT Link for feedback. A complete english site isn't possible at the moment, but i'll do my very best. Some content on this website you'll find in english like the Biograpghy, the news of course and the Discograpghy. You can also use the international part of the Power of Voice Forum for your Discussion. Please read the "how do i register myself in a....." post at the general forum.

please click HERE for the International Forum
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Thanks to Jürgen from Berlin for his Preview Feedback and of course Douglas for his support.

08.Feb 2005


At the moment I work on the new webdesign from You find a screenshot from the new webdesign in the Forum named "GENERAL FORUM". Please let me know your opinions!!

Five new wallpaper themes online. Find this exclusive stuff under the Wallpapers / Stuff Link at the navigation! Thanks to Kati from Chemnitz!!

nichts Fixmer/McCarthy

Douglas and Terence are currently working on new tracks for the next F/M album. It's going very well, and although there are no finished tracks yet. F/M are planning on getting everything finished in time for a release in autumn 2005. So there is definitely a possibility of debuting some of the tracks live before then.

F/M are currently discussing some more north american shows in march / april time, as well as some additional european shows before the SAMA gig in may. As soon as there are any confirmations you will know it first on

no news on a final release from "between the devil..." again.......Your opinion is in demand, please have a look on the new poll in the forum. please klick here