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21.Dec 2004

Fixmer/McCarthy - the exclucive draw
The draw is finished. Many thanks for your participation. The winners were determined and are informed.

Preview 2005
actually the Best of should be released next year. I will seek information and report you. Good news for Fixmer/McCarthy Fans: another release from the Between The Devil is still to come. A new album shall be released and F/M will be on tour again.
And Maven plans also to release your first Album release in spring next year!

21.Nov 2004

Fixmer/McCarthy - the exclucive draw
get your chance to win signed F/M giveaways at the exclusive draw on Please click the banner on Mainpage to receive all informations about the game. Good luck!

Fixmer/McCarthy - Video
all the videos are online now!

20.Nov 2004

Fixmer/McCarthy - Video online
in the navigation links & stuff you'll find now the item 07 - videos. There already online the Join in The Chant 2004 video! The rest will follows soon too!

16.Nov 2004

Fixmer/McCarthy - Tour finished
The "Between The Devil Tour 2004" is finished. Please read the Statement about the tour by Douglas McCarthy! You will find the content of the statement in the Power Of Voice Forum (the Fixmer/McCarthy Thread).

the forum

Fixmer/McCarthy - Pics and Videos
Short Video Cut Outs from one of the concerts you will find soon on this website. You will already find some snapshots of the video under the Bilder Link. Only Nitzer Ebb songs which performed live by F/M will be appear on this website. For F/M Video Stuff please visit the official F/M website:

Pics F/M Leipzig 2004

Fixmer/McCarthy - a draw
preview: a draw of F/M giveaways (Vynil, Shirts) will take place in December. Further Information about that soon!

08.Nov 2004

Fixmer/McCarthy - Show cancelled
Sorry, but the F/M Vienna Show on November 9th at Planet Music is cancelled! Get your money back for ticket where you've buyed the ticket! Excuse please for arisen trouble!

Fixmer/McCarthy - a raffle again
A good chance to win tickets for the F/M Berlin Show at Kato including a autographed CD's from F/M you've here:


Good luck and many thanks to Petra!

31.Oct 2004

ich habe die ebenfalls zur Verfügung gestellten Labelscans des FIXMER/McCARTHY Vinyls online gestellt.

desweiteren möchte ich mich hier auch mal in aller Form für die vielen positiven Feedbacks bedanken, die ich so als Resonanzen für im allgemeinen und die FIXMER/McCarthy Sache im speziellen erhalten habe. Vielen Dank Leute!!

leider habe ich im Moment keine neuen Informationen zum bevorstehenden "Best Of" zu vermelden!

30.Oct 2004

hFixmer/McCarthy - the US Tour Start with trouble
so even before the tour has started FM had a lot of unexpected trouble. The both NYC Shows at Rothko Club had to be canceled because the Rothko Club has been closed by the fire marshal and there are police outside the venue to make sure no one gets in. The first show could be transferred to the Sin-E Club New York, the second show had to be canceled definitely. The next US dates aren't affected. The guys are on the road now to play the next show in Austin.

Nitzer Ebb on mute dot com
the official Mute Records Website has undergone a relaunch and is published in the new gown now. After a uncomplicatedly registering further feature programs are in the member area at the disposal. The Nitzer Ebb Artistpage was also revised. A visit is worthwhile again. But nothing stands about the long-awaited Nitzer Ebb Best Of on the new site.....

18.Oct 2004

iPRIMES COVER OF LET YOUR BODY LEARN (see also news update august 13th)
Here's the scoop on the upcoming recording with the Nitzer Ebb cover on it. It will be a limited run (500) of 12"s to be released on Vancouver's Global Symphonic label in November 2004. The record is a split release with fellow Vancouverites BAKELITE, with whom we are doing some touring with in late November 2004.

Track listing:
PRIMES : 1) Who's In Control Now? / 2) Let Your Body Learn
BAKELITE : 1) Informant / 2) Intrinsic

PRIMES / BAKELITE split 12" (Global Symphonic) Nov 2004
PRIMES 4-song EP (Global Symphonic) Jan 2005
PRIMES tba LP/CD (Action Driver) March 2005


01.Oct 2004

Fixmer/McCarthy - a raffle
a good chance to win a meet and greet with Fixmer/McCarthy you have on the sonic seducer website at this time. Ok, it's a german Music Magazine/Website in of course german language, but try it and have the chance to win!! Feel free to ask the guys of sonic seducer for participation from other countries!! Good luck!

Fixmer/McCarthy - Freefall 12"
the new releasedate of the Remix 12" will be October 4th.

This Info taken from the Maven Forum on
..."i just got the mini-cd and the t-shirt this morning actually, they look great! I'm tying up some loose ends and then I'll get to work on opening up the maven online store, there will also be some advanced copies of the album I think... get your "paypals" ready!"...

We're still waiting....

31.Aug 2004

wFixmer/McCarthy - new confirmed Live Dates
find the new F/M Live Dates posted in the Forum (Fixmer/McCarthy Thread) or on the official F/M Website.

September 8th, Wednesday: Swedish Radio P3 broadcasting the Fixmer & McCarthy Show from the Arvika Festival. The time is 21.03-22.00.

a brand new interview with Bon Harris is now online. He speaks about his past and current work, like Maven and of course Nitzer Ebb. The Interview is available in englisch language. Many Thanks to Stefan from the swedish Zero Music Magazine in Göteborg.

read the Interview
Zero Music Magazine

Fixmer/McCarthy - Freefall Remixes
A further F/M Release will appear on september 20th: The Freefall Remixes by The Hacker and Covenant on vynil on Planete Rouge Rec. Up till now no informations about to release the Remixes on Compact Disc!

At this time: no further and confirmed F/M Showdates for Fall this year!!

13.Aug 2004
today i've received email from maven. I send back some questions about maven and as soon as i received the facts, i'll create a separate Maven Infopage. Thanks to Andrew.

Jack from Primes wrotes the following to me:

My name is Jack and I play in an electronic "punk" band called PRIMES from Vancouver Canada. We're having one hell of a time trying to get a hold of someone regarding the publishing of Nitzer Ebb's "Let Your Body Learn". We are scheduled to be releasing a run of 500 12"s this fall and we were inquiring about putting a cover of that song on the record and what the licensing, etc. would be to do that. We're a pretty DIY band and I'm not sure if this release would really generate income. We, however, thing the track is fantastic and had fun reworking a very noisy version of the track.

We really want to release this cover as more of an homage thing and don't want to step on any toes in terms of rights and publishing. The record is scheduled to come out on a Canadian label called Global Symphonic in October 2004 as a first of a few singles and then an LP/CD coming out in early 2005. I would, upon cover approval, be more than happy to let you post news on that single as I think some fans would get a kick out of our version. I'll let you know as soon as I hear from Mute's end, as well as provide you with a preview link of the track.

More News about the release as soon as i received the informations! Thanks to Jack!

04.Aug 2004
Fixmer/McCarthy - Live in Hildesheim
Here some informations for the next F/M live show this weekend: 07 August 04: M'era Luna Festival Germany Line Up Info here: on Stage 20:30 - 21:30 at Hangar. Important note: changes at the line up, on stage time and venue are possible. A F/M Live Tour is planned for Fall this year, but not confirmed at this time.

Compilation: "DAC empfehlen: Advanced Electronics Vol. 3"
This compilation will be released on oktober 25th and comes with the Hacker Rmx of the Fixmer/McCarthy Track Freefall and the Phil Kieran Version of Nitzer Ebb's Murderous.

Fixmer/McCarthy at the DAC
Between the Devil... is N°1 this week at DAC (german alternativ charts)!!!

unfortunately, my enquiry have doesn't remained without success up to today!

19.Jul 2004
General news summary
don't report any news about Fixmer/McCarthy, Nitzer Ebb and Maven.....perhaps

don't forget germans one and only Fixmer/McCarthy "Between The Devil..." Record Release Party this friday! click the banner on the mainpage!

making contact tried to Maven.....the answer is still due!

Fixmer/McCarthy on the covers of the Side Line Magazine (Belgium) and Zero Music Magazine (Sweden)

02.Jul 2004
Fixmer/McCarthy - Interview and a draw
find a new and interesting interview, incl. a draw of 3 Copies of the F/m album "Between of The Devil ..." on the web site of Berlin4you Dot com. Please use the following links for direct access to the interview, the draw and pictures of the Watergate Gig:

to the draw -
read the Interview

Thanks a lot to Petra from!

Fixmer/McCarthy - "Between The Devil" Record Release Party
all the Infos for the party will be online next week. Greetings to Ivo from Bodybeats!

Nitzer Ebb Special
hear the NE-Special tonight on

19.Jun 2004
Fixmer/McCarthy - Between The Devil...
Due to a small delay, the release date of the album vynil will be Monday, June 21.

Fixmer/McCarthy Interview
Read a brand new interview with Douglas on the german website (but only in german).

Fixmer/McCarthy Live
Fixmer/McCarthy Live Show tonight in Berlin, Germany.

17.Jun 2004
Fixmer/McCarthy at the DAC
The F/M Club ep "Freefall/Through A Screen" is No. 2 the at the DAC (german alternativ charts) this week. The DAC voted weekly by over 300 DJs. They are free to vote whatever they like and play. They DAC are printed in lots of magazines. This ep only appears as promotional. A forthcoming release of the ep is very much likely, but not confirmed yet.

Important Note for Webmasters
Please use only the url: to link the F/M official Website on your own Page. Please did not use the url in the adress field of ie! Thank You!

07.Jun 2004
Fixmer/McCarthy - Merchandising
Now available some Merchandising T-Shirts of Fixmer/McCarthy and Planete Rouge Rec. on nuloop dot com! Please have a look here

Fixmer/McCarthy live at Wave Gotik Treffen Leipzig - Pics
find some live pics of the Leipzig show at the Wave Gotik Treffen on June 29 here

02.Jun 2004
Fixmer/McCarthy - Between The Devil...
note: the release date september 13 for the F/M album "Between The Devil..." only applies to some countries like Sweden and Spain.

29.Mai 2004
Fixmer/McCarthy - Faninterview
the new interview made by the nitzer ebb and Fixmer/McCarthy Fan Community with Douglas McCarthy is now online. Enjoy reading! Thanks to Eric Burton, Douglas McCarthy and the community of course.

read it here

Fixmer/McCarthy in the german Mag's
you can read F/M Top Stories in the july issues from the german alternativ music magazines Sonic Seducer, Sideline und Synthetics Mag and of course in all other Mag's like Zillo, Orkus, Raveline ...

Fixmer/McCarthy general News
the F/M Club EP (with RMX by VNV Nation, Hacker and Covenant) has climbed the german alternative Charts. NOTE: These Compact Disc will be only appears as Promotional at the moment.

20.Mai 2004
Fixmer/McCarthy live at Wave Gotik Treffen Leipzig - Line Up Info
On the WGT Website now available the Line Up Information for the Fixmer/McCarthy Show. They will play on Saturday the 29th May 19:40h at AGRA-Halle. Please have a look on WGT Website for further Line Up Informations.

13.Mai 2004
FFixmer/McCarthy - Faninterview
Wanting to close the Thread on Monday next week and send the questions to hardbeat propaganda.Therefore last chance getting rid of his personal question to Terence or Douglas.

Fixmer/McCarthy - Berlin Show confirm
The new Berlin Show Date of Fixmer/McCarthy is confirm. Please read the details below:

Saturday, the 19th of June
Start: 23:57
Club Watergate

DJ Naughty (Gigolo, Terranova)
live: Terence Fixmer & Douglas McCarthy

Acid Maria (Gigolo, female pressure)
Dinky (Car Park, Traum)
Giovanni Moscatello

oberbaum gaststättenbetriebs gmbh |
| club watergate |
hard:edged music gmbh | steffen hack |
falckensteinstr.49 |
10997 berlin | germany |
fon +49 30 612 80 394 // 395 | fax +49 30 612 80 396 |

See you in Berlin!

04.Mai 2004
Fixmer/McCarthy - Between The Devil...
"Between The Devil..." Releaseinformations now online. For more Details click the RELEASEINFORMATION Banner in the Navigation. Fixmer/McCarthy has been signed to Metropolis Records for United States and Canada markets. Further Informations about the project see

01.Mai 2004
Fixmer/McCarthy - Between The Devil...
the SPV label at which the first album of the Project shall be published, goes online with a own Fixmer/McCarthy Artistpage.There can be found the coverartwork, a short bio and tour dates. At the tour dates has to be pointed, that Fixmer/McCarthy will not played on 07.08.04 in Bordeaux, but at this M'era Luna Festival Hildesheim. Note: the Fixmer/McCarthy Artistpage is only in german language available at the moment.

Fixmer/McCarthy live in Berlin, 3th July, Festival
The Berlin Festival Show on 3th July is not confirmed!! Maybe there will be another gig in Berlin. More Infos about the new date as soon as i received more Infos from Terence.

23.Apr 2004
Fixmer/McCarthy live at Mera Luna
a new Show Date is confirm for Germany: Mera Luna Festival Hildesheim, Saturday 07.08.2004, Stage Hangarbühne, Co-Headliner
Thanks & Greets to Peddy

20.Apr 2004
Nitzer Ebb News available in english now.

Fixmer/McCarthy live at Wave Gotik Treffen Leipzig
the following news i received from the Guys of the WGT: Fixmer/McCarthy plays live on the 28.May 2004 at the AGRA Halle. The exact Line Up and the exact Playtimes available first on the WGT-Website. Additional Artists at this Day are: Covenant, Nortern Lite, Funker Vogt, Combichrist, Matore and others.
Midnight Special on this Day / in the Night: THE KLINIK as original Line Up and Dresses. Thanks to Sven Borges at WGT.

Body Of Work Release delay!
The Nitzer Ebb Best Of Release "Body Of Work 1984 - 1997" would not released on May 10th!!! No further Informations at this moment for new Releasedate. Only Rumours like Spring 2005! Read the Statement from Mute UK in the Nitzer Ebb Forum INTERNATIONAL. This is also your Forum in which you can make posts in your favourite Language. It's possible to select english as Forum Language!!

Try it!