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Nitzer Ebb finished Body Of Work Tour 2006


Nitzer Ebb finished the body of work tour 2006. After 40 shows worldwide, the band has played their last show in prague yesterday.

27.Okt 2006
Nitzer Ebb on Route03


The Band starts today the concluding part of their Body Of Work Tour 2006. The tour leads through europe, starting in Barcelona and will be finished in Prague on november 5th. Therefore a good chance for all fans to see the band live on stage again in this year. All dates and further information about the Route03 on NE LIVEDATES 2006.

12.Okt 2006
Nitzer Ebb Live in Prague


On November 5th another show of the succesfull Reunion Tour will take place in Prague at the Club Abaton. It is most likely that this will be the last chance to see the band in 2006. More infos at NE LIVE DATES 2006!

  official Nitzer Ebb After Show Party in Berlin

The official Nitzer Ebb after show party will take place on November 04, 2006 followed by the NEP Concert at Columbiaclub Berlin. The party will be presented by Neuwerk, Sonic Seducer and! EBM, Industrial and Electroclash will be played by the DJ's Uwe Marx (Sonic Seducer), Agent Provocateur (Schlagstrom) and Sascha Meyer (Etoile).


07.Okt 2006
live pics blue moon festival sydney


Pics of nitzer ebb's show at the blue moon festival sydney are online now! Thanks to Dan Turner for sending the pics!

the sydney gallery

first pics of route02 BOW-Tour


A new pictures album is now online. Click the pictures link at navigation to find the new album06 - Route02. There you'll find first impressions of the NEP new zealand show from september 10th. Thanks to Juraj for the pics.

the auckland gallery

further concert reviews as well as links to more pictures and videos you'll find at the community forum: please click HERE

additional show dates for south america confirmed


Nitzer Ebb will play two another shows for their fans in south america. The Dates for chile and argentina were confirmed now. See all details at NE LIVES DATES 2006.

Nitzer Ebb live infos  - a summary


A further show for the USA were confirmed: the band will perform also in Denver on September 23th at the Gothic Theatre. NOTE: Venue change for Lima Show on September 28th: NEP will perform at the Club Seven!

Tickets available now for Copenhagen, Munich, Hamburg and Berlin! All information also at NE LIVEDATES 2006!

  new pics from the festivals M'era Luna and Arvika

View some new pics of NEP Hildesheim Show at the M'era Luna festival on August 12th. Thanks to Martin Wackerzapp for the pictures!

the Hildesheim gallery

See pictures from Arvika Festival 2006: HERE

NEP in Germany presented by Neuwerk & Sonic Seducer


After 2 very succesfull shows at the german festivals, Nitzer Ebb will come back to germany and play five exclusive club shows for their german fans. The band will be supported by Terence Fixmer & Motor. In addition the set will be a bit different as on the previous gigs.

See all german dates at NE LIVEDATES 2006

Update August 15th:
On october 27th, NEP will perform in Barcelona at Sala Apolo.

Update August 16th:
The Band will also perform a show in Copenhagen on October 29th at Rust!

new tour dates and venue change for chicago show


A date and venue change for NEP chicago show were confirmed: the band will be on stage in chicago on september 25th at the house of blues! Tempre / USA and Lima / Peru shows are confirmed and were added to the tour dates schedule.

By the way, Neuwerk Music is now online with a redesigned website!

  Nitzer Ebb Interview #1

Alex from russian SHOUT! online had interviewed nitzer ebb the day before their first moscow show ever. He snapped also some photos of the band while they sat relaxed on a couch at the hotel lobby.

Thanks to Alex!

the Interview: HERE
SHOUT! online

  Nitzer Ebb Interview #2

A further interview gave NEP the moscow radiostation Maximum 103.7 FM. It was a daily morning show and the interview led in a very loose and relaxed atmosphere. You can find the content of this conversation on the interview section. Many thanks to Olga which conveyed the interview recording in writing.

read Interview: HERE
Maximum 103.7 FM

29.Jul 2006
Nitzer Ebb at Tinitus Festival


Nitzer Ebb will be headlining this year's Tinitus Festival in Stockholm / Sweden. This event will be a special one as 2 legendary EBM acts, NEP and FRONT 242 will both be part of the night. Don't miss this one!

Tinitus Festival

  Pictures from NEP Moscow Show

View pics from NEP's Moscow Show at the club gorod on july 19th. The pics were snapped by Olga and with her kind approval the pics were added to the Nitzer Ebb Live 2006 gallery.

Thanks to Olga!

view the gallery: HERE

20.Jul 2006
Motor will be supporting NEP


Motor (Novamute / Mute) will be supporting Nitzer EBB on their upcoming US tour as well as other European shows (tbc). The debut Motor album, "Klunk" will be released on Tuesday (July 25th) in the US. It is currently already released everywhere else.

official Motor website:

16.Jul 2006
NEP in Russia - a review and a preview


Nitzer Ebb return to Russia on their Body of Work tour on Wednesday, July 19 and plays in Moscow for the first time at the recently relocated techno club Gorod as part of a series of concerts promoted by the Russian Synth Community. On this occasion Kirill Galetski has written an article for the russian newspaper Moscow Times and the re-edited version for the NE website.

Thanks to Kirill!

please read the website article: HERE
read the article appeared at Moscow Times: HERE

  Pictures from NEP Secret Show at the Slimelight London

View pics from NEP's Secret Show at the slimelight london on july 8th. The pics were snapped by Stefan from sweden and with his kind approval the pics were added to the Nitzer Ebb Live 2006 gallery.

Thanks for everything Stefan!

view the gallery: HERE

11.Jul 2006
Pictures from NEP London Show at the academy


View pics from NEP's Islington Show last sunday in london as well as some backstage impressions by the leading lights. Many thanks to Peddy and the ebb family.

Pictures Islington Show

08.Jul 2006
Nitzer Ebb headlining at the slimelight


In every rumor there is a little bit of truth! See Nitzer Ebb performing live tonight at the Slimelight together with Terence Fixmer. But the official announced London show will be on stage on July 9th at the Islington Academy! If you should be in London this weekend to see the NEP show at the academy, so take this occasion to see the secret ebb gig at the slimelight tonight.

Please visit official slimelight website for details:

02.Jul 2006
further north american show dates confirmed


A further US-show are confirmed. On September 19th, 2006 the band will perform a show in Salt Lake City. Two days later, on september 21st, 2006 NEP will play their first Mexico show at Salon 21, Mexico City. For all Dates and additional informations please visit NE live Dates 2006!

  Venue and date changes

The show date for San Francisco moved from September 15th to September 14th, 2006!

A venue change for New York Show! The Band will play at the Irving Plaza and not in the Avalon. Tickets for this show are available throught ticket master.

Please visit also updated Live Dates schedule!

  the world cup final and the NEP-Show?

Peddy says: We will have a big screen indeed at the academy and Terence will go on the stage after the final is finished. That sounds good and Germany will win...

  Secret Gig at the Slimelight?
Rumors to go around that Nitzer Ebb will play a secret Gig at the Slimelight in London as "Muscle And Hate" on July 8th. Nothing more to say....

24.Jun 2006
Nitzer Ebb Show cancelled


Due to some organisation issues, the performance of Nitzer Ebb at the NIT Festival in Alicante had to be cancelled!

14.Jun 2006
Nitzer Ebb in Australia


The first two Nitzer Ebb shows in Australia are confirmed: on September 8th in Melbourne before the band is heading off to Sydney to headline the Blue Moon Festival on September 9th.

05.Jun 2006
Nitzer Ebb on Tour again


Nitzer Ebb on tour again since 10 years decade and they played very loud at agra halle leipzig on early Saturday morning. First impressions as well as pictures of the show are given in the forum. Please have a look!!


Please view Pictures Section for new gallery 13. There you can view 35 pictures from NEP first live show since 10 years in leipzig last saturday morning.

Nitzer Ebb at NIT Festival


On August 5th Nitzer Ebb EBB will perform at this year's NIT Festival in Alicante / Spain. More Info soon!

more Nitzer Ebb US Dates


The band will play further US Shows! The dates for San Francisco on September 15th as well as New York City on September 17th were just confirmed. The Venue for the NYC Gig will be the Avalon, which was before the famous limelight club.

Venue change for vienna show


The venue for the vienna Show on July 7th have been changed: the show will now take place at the SZENE WIEN. Tickets on sale now. Buy your tix here:

Nitzer Ebb US Dates and more


The long-waited US show dates are were communicated. The band will perform shows in Anaheim, Los Angeles and Detroit. Further shows were confirmed for Russia and Japan. Please view the dates schedule for all details, related weblinks and ticket order.

  Kourtney Klein on Nitzer Ebb Drums - first rehearsals in LA

Nitzer Ebb hired a drummer named Kourtney Klein  and Bon has been rehearsing with her. Douglas will arrive in Los Angeles on this weekend for rehearsals.

More info about Kourtney on her official website:

Nitzer Ebb at Dour Festival


The band will perform at this year's Dour Festival which will take place in Dour / Belgium from July 14th till 16th. Nitzer Ebb will play on Sunday, July 16th.

Further infos:

Nitzer Ebb at Desert Festival


Another Nitzer Ebb Show was confirmed. On July 15th, the band will play at the legendary Monegros Desert Festival together with some of the most well known acts of the electronic, alternative scene, such as The Prodigy and Luke Slater (

For more infos please visit

30.Mar 2006
Nitzer Ebb Date for Vienna


Another show of the Nitzer Ebb reunion tour is confirmed: on July 7th, 2006, the band will perform in Vienna at the Arena. Support will be Terence Fixmer.

Tickets & more informations soon:

22.Mar 2006
Madrid Date and Venue change


Date and venue for the Madrid Show have been changed: the show will now take place at the Sala Macumba on June 9th, 2006.

venue infos:
Tickets available here:

03.Feb 2006
Nitzer Ebb 2006


Douglas is currently working on the design for the album artwork and stage backdrops. The Band want to evoke the original minimal militaristic approach of NE and Douglas don't think any one will be disappointed... it's looking good and strong! check out the online merchandising for the feel of it...

Bon will be coming over to London in march when they will go through the songs they are going to include in the live set. Douglas and Bon are still to decide on who will be the NEP06 drummer. Nitzer Ebb will be rehearsing for the tour later, probably in april and may with the final production rehearsals being done in germany right before Wave Gotik Treffen.

It seems increasingly likely that David Gooday will make a guest appearance at the london show.

03.Feb 2006
Nitzer Ebb in Holland


Just confirmed on June 6th 2006 Nitzer Ebb will be performing in Haarlem (close to Amsterdam) at the Patronaat. Support will be Terence Fixmer. The Show is presented by ElectroNation, Neuwerk & Sonic Seducer.

Further Infos shortly

01.Feb 2006
Nitzer Ebb live in Belgium


Another Date of the Nitzer Ebb Reunion Tour is confirmed: The Fans in Belgium shouldn't miss the chance to see the Band on June 8th, 2006 in Antwerp at Hof Ter Lo. Support Act Terence Fixmer.

Tickets will be available soon through: and

Nitzer Ebb live in Madrid


Another Nitzer Ebb show was confirmed minutes ago. The Band will play at La Riviera in Madrid on June 10th, 2006. Support act is Terence Fixmer.

Tickets will be available shortly through:

Nitzer Ebb London Show confirmed


The very 1st itzer Ebb Reunion Show in the UK is confirmed on July 9th. The Band will play in London at the Islington Academy. Support act is Terence Fixmer. For more informations please check out the NE Livedates 2006 Schedule!

Nitzer Ebb will perform in Paris


Another Nitzer Ebb Show confirmed! On June 7th, 2006 Nitzer Ebb will perform at La Locomotive in Paris. Terence Fixmer will be the opener with his Solo Project. Related Weblinks and information you will get in the NE Livedates 2006 section.

28.Nov2005 Nitzer Ebb Information

Nitzer Ebb will start to rehearse in the new year although they still don't know where - UK or USA? also they have yet to even look for a drummer and it will not be David Gooday apart from maybe a special one off in London or something.

The shows will concentrate on the earlier albums and so it will be a very electronic sounding show - no guitars!

27.Oct 2005
the gossip factory - disabuses


Since publication of the report that Nitzer Ebb will stand on the stage and play some shows in 2006 together again, the gossip factory really seethes. Regarding to this I asked Douglas for answers to the questions as follows:

the Fixmer/McCarthy Project: "F/M is my main project. Terence and i will play shows as normal, Nitzer Ebb is a one off special tour. It will be very limited - miss this chance to see Nitzer Ebb and you will miss out forever!"

Why again together on the stage and new Nitzer Ebb material scheduled? "It was the constant requests that we were getting to do a show that made us at least talk about the possibilities of doing these special dates. We have absolutely no plans to record new Nitzer Ebb material."

No further dates are confirmed until present time except Wave Gothic Treffen. Other appointments are purely speculative at this time.

27.Oct 2005
Nitzer Ebb - Back on stage in 2006


Nitzer Ebb are back!! Douglas met with Bon in chicago and they will play some special shows next year. They will play for sure Wave Gotik Treffen as the headline act. Neuwerk Music Management will be handling the booking. Further information will follow as soon as these are confirmed by Douglas, Bon and Peddy of Neuwerk.