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Maven:::Band members:

Andrew Troy - Guitar
Bon Harris - Vocals
Biff Sanders - Drums

Maven:::Biography (taken from

Bon Harris, co-frontman of cult electronic act Nitzer Ebb, has reemerged with his new band Maven. The group features Harris on vocals / keyboards, Ethyl Meatplow's Biff Sanders on drums and guitarist Andy Troy (Polar Bear).

Since Nitzer Ebb's conclusion in 1995, Harris has become an in-demand collaborator having worked with Evanescence, AFI and Billy Corgan who asked Bon to co-produce his solo album The Future Embrace. Harris also worked closely with Marilyn Manson, programming electronics and recording for the shock-rocker's 2000 album Holy Wood. Manson appears as a guest on Maven's cover of Nick Cave's Hard On For Love and had this to say of his collaborator and some-time inspiration:

"Bon was someone I had always respected �and even interviewed in 1989 �and was completely blown away by his musical ability and voice. I was fortunate that he took time away from Maven to work with me on my project. He became sort of a sixth member of the group �and I don't use that term lightly. I think Maven adds genius songwriting to electronic music in a totally original way."

Maven formed in Los Angeles (where Harris relocated to from Chicago and his native London) in 2001, a result of Harris' desire to stretch his songwriting skills and use his voice for the first time. Says Harris: "When it became apparent to me that the Ebb was going to implode, I already had some ideas in mind for writing songs. The last Nitzer Ebb album was more of a 50/50 thing, where we both contributed half of the songs, whereas before we'd come up with them together. So the seed was sown then."

Harris came up with the material over a period of several years, in between lengthy studio stints with Marilyn Manson and The Smashing Pumpkins. Some of the Maven tracks were recorded in Chicago, while Harris was working with Corgan and producer Bjorn Thorsrud (Smashing Pumpkins, Dandy Warhols). Others were written and recorded in Los Angeles and at Thorsrud's studio in Salt Lake City, UT.

The resulting material features Harris' distinctive electronics and rhythm programming, as well as his first time being the sole frontman. The result is both explosive and propulsive. Nitzer Ebb fans will recognize Maven's sound; yet with the additional personnel, there's a greater level of sophistication which will please both the hardcore fans and appeal to the new audience. "The main difference is I'm singing and I wrote the songs," explains Harris. "My voice is very different and the sorts of things I sing about are different. There's certainly a connection to Nitzer Ebb; especially in the electronics, which is what I am best-known for."

Also not surprising is Maven's furious must-see live show; driven by Harris' fierce, brooding presence from the stage. Fans new or previous will not be disappointed by this new evolution.

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