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1. will play Nitzer Ebb a show in my city or any shows are planned in my proximity?
  All confirmed show dates are on the website. Isn’t your city listed at the live dates site, thus no concert takes place there.
2. any chance to get backstage passes or photo passes for nitzer ebb shows?
  This enquiry has to be made to Nitzer Ebb Management >>> more
3. please send this to Douglas, Bon or Jason or it is possible to get in touch with the band?
  Yes, it’s NEP official website, but no emails are passed on to the band members. To get in touch with the band members please try it on their personal myspace or facebook sites. Find some links HERE

Note: Inquiries with contents stated above are not considered! However references, informations and improvements concerning the website's content or about the band nitzer ebb are taken gladly – ever!

Thanks in advance!


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