Interview 2009 Jonna Lee

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Jonna Lee recently released a cover of Nitzer Ebb's Violent Playground. got curious and asked the talented Swedish sing and song writer a couple of questions.

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What is your relationship with Nitzer Ebb?

A friend introduced me to the album "That Total Age" and I fell in love with the industrial feel of Violent Playground and the heavy lyrics. Haven't seen them live but I sure will next year when they open for Depeche Mode.
Why did you choose Violent Playground when you would make a Cover?
I recorded two versions of it for no one to hear really with Claes Björklund, Producer. One electro and one soft. The contrast of it all made it interesting so I contacted Greg Allum, who's a photographer who understands the dark side of life and asked him to contribute for a video. We will release the elctro version in a near future, but I can not tell you when and how, its a secret...
Violent Playground is an energetic, song, what was the purpose of your Interpretation, and how do you interpret the lyrics.

I think it's great as it is originally. For me, the lyrics are about men's domination of society which is also why I love singing it, from a woman's point of view. But I've never heard them comment on the lyrics though. I might be seeing this differently. I wasn't expecting anyone to hear my version really. Not the boys themselves either. Very cool.
How do you think Nitzer Ebb fans will receive your interpretation?
Well hopefully they can love both!
How do you like Nitzer Ebb 2009?
I'm excited they're back! Can't wait to see them live.
What is your plans for the near future?
I'm silently working on a new album in Stockholm and London. Something musically very new to me. Acoustic tour this fall in Sweden. New single out just now called Something so quiet.
What other covers have you done in the past? We saw a live version of Depeche Mode's Never let me Down again on youtube?
I have done loads of different covers through the years but no, no plans for other covers at the moment. The Depeche Mode cover was for a tribute show right before they played at Arvika festivalen this summer. This was just an interpretation of a great song. Maybe live I'll play a cover here and there...



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