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The Nitzer Ebbs fans got all confused when Jason Payne showed up as the drummer on Douglas right hand side at the September gig in Berlin 2007. talked to Jason Payne about the reunion and new recordings.

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What were your first thoughts when they called you and ask you rejoin the band? Did you hesitate to say yes?

There wasn't any hesitation on my part. I was happy to get the call, It feels better then ever to be back in the band.
How much time did you get to rehearsal before the gigs in Europe. It seem like everything happened very quick.
I think we spent a day rehearsing before the first show. It did happen quickly, and there wasn't much time. Fortunately, I already knew the material.
What can you tells us about your stage outfit? You look like a young David Gooday on stage.

I'm sure David would be happy to hear that, says Jason with a smile on his lips.
How do you like the fact that you’re standing drumming now? What do you prefer: Standing vs. sitting? Will we ever see a Jason Payne that sits in Nitzer ebb again?
I am most comfortable sitting down. Although I think it's good to get out of one's comfort zone now and again.
The live show Nitzer Ebb is very energetic, what can you tells us about that. Do you think the show would be more energetic with real drums and not “Roland pads”
Roland V-drums are the best electronic drums to date, but nothing can match the real thing. Acoustic drums have their own presence and response that I think is nearly impossible to replicate. My live drum set today is very stripped down as you can see.
Do you think that Nitzer ebb will play Big Hits songs live now, since you are back?
We've discussed that. I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of them sneaks back into the set.
How do you feel about the electronic sound that the band went back to after the Big Hit. I mean look more like a “rocker” kind of guy.How do you feel about the electronic sound that the band went back to after the Big Hit. I mean look more like a “rocker” kind of guy.
Rocker? I find that statement quite insulting! Says Jason with a smile. The Ebb has always been an electronic band!
What can you tell us about the new recording session, how much is you involved and what can you tell us about the new sound. How many songs do you have today etc etc…
We had the luxury of too many songs, and had to pare it down to fit on one record. I was involved in most of them.
What is the idea behind the sound, back to the old days, more electronic?
I think fans of old and new will be extremely satisfied.
What does a day look like in studio for you guys?
Its a great vibe actually. There isn't any one particular way we approach a song. We try and mix things up.
When will the new stuff get released, all the fans are wondering?

What label will you be on?

I'm not at liberty to say at the moment.
What other future plans does Nitzer Ebb have at the moment?
Lots of touring to support the new record.
What is the biggest different you see from the Big Hit era and the band today? Atmosphere, music and touring?
The atmosphere is great! There is a real sense of togetherness. I look forward to the next tour.
Have you talked to the guys what happened during/after the Big Hit tour?
It's all water under the bridge.
What do you think about Maven and Fixmer/McCarthy?
I think they're great. It's important to pursue other interests. It keeps things fresh.
What are you doing today, when you are not playing with Nitzer Ebb. Jobs other bands?

I do what I can to stay busy. Sometimes that entails other musical projects.



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