Interview 2007 Nitzer Ebb

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The interview was made by Janos Janurik for VIVA Hungary on August 8th, 2007 at the sziget festival budapest.

Thanks to Janos!


QUESTION 1: It was one year ago, we met in Vienna, during your Reunion Tour. You travelled around the world and gave a couple of concerts. Which one was your most memorable gig?

ANSWER 1: listen

QUESTION 2: Many of your concerts were documented. When will be your long-waited DVD set finally released?

ANSWER 2: listen

QUESTION 3: The Body Of Work Tour has come to an end in November. What did you do after finished the tour?

ANSWER 3: listen

QUESTION 4: I saw a fan made clip on YouTube from your Gothic Festival gig in Belgium. You played some brand new songs, like Once You Say, which sounded good. When will you release your new album and what can we expect from the new Nitzer Ebb Produkt?

ANSWER 4: listen

QUESTION 5: Do you plan to go on tour with the new album too? Can we hope an other Nitzer Ebb concert in Budapest later this year?

ANSWER 5: listen

QUESTION 6: You have side-projects too. What about the Maven and Fixmer / McCarthy releases?

ANSWER 6: listen

QUESTION 7: Douglas, you co-worked on a song with Client, which is called Suicide Sister and then you were the guest vocalist on Kloqs single, We're Just Physical. Could you tell me some words about these projects?

ANSWER 7: listen

QUESTION 8: Did you enjoy this gig at the Sziget Festival? What's your message to the Hungarian fans?

ANSWER 8: listen


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