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Douglas McCarthy

Hello and welcome to the official - by me any way! - german site of nitzer ebb. I have been aware of this site since it began and have always been amazed with the depth of knowledge it contains. In fact, there have been numerous times when i myself have used it to find out news about nitzer ebb! René, the site's webmaster, has a great net work of contacts to gain new information about not only nitzer ebb but also new projects concerning myself and bon. So bookmark this site!

Bon Harris

I wanted to say that you have done a great job keeping the fans informed and intersted, so that makes things easier to get the word out now. So, good work and thank you very much.

Dave Gooday

Nitzer Ebb was and still is a huge part of my life it was a mad time to be in europe and great times on stage with some very cool people.

Much has happened in the days after me and the ebb my love of electronic music has allways grown i have many cool friends as in dj,s and music makers allway stayed as close as life will let us to both bon and doug the ebb will never end because it is made up of true friends our lives were joined before the band and will continue to be joined untill our demise. Doug got me back into writing music again but only time will tell if i think it is up to being listened to by the rest of the world . Anyway keep your eyes peeled because you might get to see the real EBB one more time i'm sure it will be on the site . Any way to much from me keep stomping to beat and My best to all who still love the sound.

born and live in Dresden / Germany
Birthday: 14.08.1972
Family: married with Isabelle, two child's Luise and Moritz


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