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In Order

Release Date: January 11, 2010
Label: Mute Records (EMI)
Digital Release on iTunes, musicload.de



01. Let Your Body Learn (Instrumental)
02. Join In The Chant (Burn!)
03. Join In The Chant (Lies!) (Instrumental)
04. Fitness To Purpose
05. Control I'm Here (Instrumental Club Mix)
06. Control I'm Here (Club Mix)
07. Control I'm Here (Hardcore Mix)
08. Control I'm Here (Zero Option Mix)
09. Control I'm Here (Command Control Confront Mix)
10. K.I.A.
11. K.I.A. (PK Mix)
12. Backlash (Mix No.2)
13. For Fun
14. For Fun (Flood Mix)
15. For Fun (Mix)
16. Hearts And Minds (Mix Subsonic)
17. Hearts And Minds (Radio Edit)
18. Time Slips By
19. Time Slips By (PK Mix)
20. Shame (Mix One)
21. Lightning Man (12" Version)
22. Lightning Man (The Industry vs The Ebb Mix)
23. Who We Are (7" Version)
24. Who We Are
25. Fun To Be Had (Master Mix)
26. Fun To Be Had (George Clinton Edit)
27. Getting Closer (Kitchen Mix)
28. Getting Closer (Trance Mix Edit)
29. Getting Closer (Trance Mix)
30. Out Of Mind (Spoken Mix)
31. Taken From Me (Servant Mix)
32. Godhead (Remix)
33. Godhead (Live)
34. Control I'm Here (Live)
35. Getting Closer (Live)
36. Join In The Chant (Live)
37. Let Your Body Learn / Murderous (Live)
38. I Give To You (Elemental)
39. I Give To You (Pestilence)
40. Stray Cat Blues (Adventurous)
41. Stray Cat Blues (Scare Eyed)
42. Stray Cat Blues
43. Ascend (Single Mix)
44. Ascend (Anonymous Mix)
45. Ascend (Pro-Gress Three Instrumental)
46. Ascend (Pro-Gress Three Vox)
47. Trigger Happy (Sparse Mix)
48. Dead And Gone
49. Kick It (Addiction Edit)
50. Kick It (Banjo Sin)
51. Kick It (Dub 2)
52. Kick It (Hippy Grip)
53. Kick It (Logical Edit)
54. Kick It (The Secret Knowledge Velvet DM’s Mix)
55. Kick It (Short Dub)
56. Skintight
57. Friend (Brittle Mix)
58. I Thought (Single Mix)
59. I Thought (Sucked In Sucked Out)
60. Beats Me


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